25 Oct 2007 04:46:53
Tony Mancuso
** How I Beat The Casinos - part II **

How I Beat The Casinos - part II

I know right away that there are those that are going to read the title of
this work and immediately go into their tirades about how I don't know what
I am talking about, how I am trying to scam people, and how they are quite
certain that there is no way to beat the casinos. Do you know who those
people are? I do. They are, simply put, the losers. I am not saying that in
a personal sense. I mean it literally. They are the recreational or habitual
gamblers. And you must consider this; although they are convinced that there
is no way to beat the casinos, they continue to play! Like I said, losers. I
play because I know there is a way to stay ahead of the casinos. Now that
makes much more sense, doesn't it? And for those that argue that there is no
way to win, in a sense, they are right. There is no way for them to win.
They will continue on with their losing habits and methods and go right on
losing, and then tell me that I can't win. Well I don't use those same
methods and losing behaviors that would cause me to be among the losers. So
I let them carry on and I laugh at them. I laugh because I don't' have to
really convince anyone of anything. I know what I know and those that choose
to listen to me will also become winners. Those that do not listen, and
those that ridicule me and argue against my methods and ideas, will continue
to be losers. With that said, let me give you a little background.

My father was a gambler for as long as I can remember. He was what I would
call a habitual gambler. He bet on everything; horses, cards, dice, sports,
anything and everything. Of course, he also lost at everything. That is what
a habitual gambler does. I want to add here, if just to ease my conscience,
that he was a good man, just a bad gambler. Growing up in that environment
and with that exposure to the gambling world, it was easy for me to see what
made a losing gambler, although it wouldn't be till much later in life that
I actually took note of what I already knew. As luck would have it, our
family moved to Las Vegas from upstate New York in 1973. (It is ironic that
I use the word "luck" here.) Not a good place for my father to be living!
Well, of course, I learned a lot about all of the casino games. My father
was more than happy to show me how to play all of them, and he was very good
at them, so I learned a lot. And I learned how to lose. I also noticed that
most of the gamblers around me were also losing. It didn't take me too long
to realize that I was not going to do well in that town if I continued to
gamble, so I decided instead to go into the casino business. I started out
as a lowly craps dealer and learned to deal some of the other games along
the way, blackjack and roulette. It didn't take me too long to move up in
the ranks and become a boxman, floorman, pit boss, and eventually assistant
shift manager. So, what I saw, for 10 years running, was that people gambled
and lost money. I saw it every day. Of course by this time, I knew all about
the house advantage, about all of the odds in all of the games, and I became
an expert in casino gambling. It got to where I could spot a card counter as
soon as they walked in the place. I was good. What I did differently than
most of my co-workers in the pit is that I not only watched, but I studied.
I studied what makes a loser and what makes a winner. I have to say though
that I saw very few winners. And I also noticed that the winners were never
as conspicuous as the losers. That actually became a very interesting point.
The winners were rarely around long enough for you to really notice them and
they were quiet and deliberate. I have to say that in all of my time in the
pit, I saw maybe ten of this rare breed of gambler, the winner. They are
tough to spot. Most people would not even notice them.

Needless to say, I started keeping mental notes of what I was seeing and
started to formulate what would become my "Betting For Profit" method. I did
not want to call it "a system" because systems simply do not work. In my
time in the casinos, I probably saw every system there is, in every game.
There were the roulette players with the little note pads, scribbling down
numbers furiously after every roll, the card counters in blackjack, the
dice-setters in craps. Do you know what we did when we saw a system player?
We laughed! Casinos love system players. Let me say this right now and get
it over with. Anyone that tries to convince you that they have a winning
system in any of the games is scamming you, or is simply delusional. I see,
especially on the internet, numerous "systems" to beat roulette, blackjack,
craps, etc. They are all useless. Even card counting in blackjack is highly
overrated. I know, I have tried it and it is not only overrated but a lot of
work! And the advantages of card counting are completely nullified by
frequent shuffling, which is exactly how we used to deal with them. Take it
from one who truly knows from experience, and that has the knowledge to make
the call, "Systems do not work, period." They are for the losers.

So how then, do I get off telling you that I beat the casinos? Well,
remember, I studied what makes a winner, as well as a loser. What I came to
notice was that there were certain behavioral patterns peculiar to each of
these groups. There were issues concerning discipline, control, and emotion.
Poker players will know what I am talking about. At least the good poker
players will. It wasn't too long before I had to try out what I now knew
with some real live play. In a matter of weeks, I was way ahead of the game.
I mostly played blackjack but I occasionally wandered over to the craps
table. I even tried a few frivolous plays at roulette. I wanted to see if my
methods would work there, and they did. In the years that followed, I began
to realize a steady income from casino gambling. Now mind you, I am not
claiming that I never had a losing day. If you gamble, you have losing days.
I noticed that there is one ad on the internet that claims a system that
never has a losing day. Buyer beware! Impossible! I would never make that
claim. What my method accomplished though, was to keep my losses at a
minimum and my winnings at a maximum. That is really simplifying, but in
essence it is accurate. My running total at the end of every month was a
positive one and showed profit. That is what I mean when I say I beat the
casinos. I had learned the secrets. I could count on that income every month
from gambling. I can't reveal too much here because of the fact that I now
sell my "Betting For Profit" on the internet. It is a small e-book full of
my secrets, methods, and ideas to make every reader a winner. The casinos do
not want you to know this stuff! You see, the casinos depend on, and
capitalize on the play of the recreational and habitual gambler. I teach you
how to not be one of those players. The greed and other negative human
emotions involved with that kind of play is what the casinos depend on. That
is what makes losers. The casinos gladly ply you with free alcohol. I will
reveal here that staying away from alcohol while you are gambling to win is
one of my "Seven Cardinal Rules Of Gambling" within my "Betting For Profit"
e-book. Everything in the casino is designed for the casino to win your
money. My method is designed for the player to win. I can't make it any
clearer than that.

One last word, and that word is "LUCK." Regardless of what anyone says or
thinks, luck will always play a part in gambling. The player, and to some
extent, the casino, will always be affected by luck. Luck is what caused me
to have winning and losing days. It was luck that caused our shift on
graveyard at the Pioneer Club to sometimes have a losing night. Of course,
that was a rarity but it happened. My method uses luck, both good and bad,
to keep you a winner. I am not saying that you should not be a skillful
player. It is of vast importance to be a good, smart, educated player, no
matter what game you are playing. Know the rules and have a good knowledge
of basic strategy. And then hope that luck is with you. It will be
sometimes, and sometimes not. I teach you how to capitalize on those winning
streaks and to recognize when luck is not with you. And I show you what to
do in each case. If you follow my methods, you will be a winner. For those
of you that will argue these points, I say, "Go ahead." You will remain
losers with the loser's mentality. But of course, you will all continue to

Yes, I beat the casinos and still continue to do so, when I play. I don't
play much anymore though. I find that it is much easier, and quieter, to
sell my methods instead. I don't much care for casinos. I guess I just spent
too much time in them. Besides, it is just as rewarding for me to hear all
of the success stories from my very satisfied readers. You can read some of
their testimonials on my Website.

I know that with the advent of on-line casinos there are more people
gambling now than ever before. My methods are totally adaptable to the
on-line casinos. You just won't have to deal with the noise and a surly
dealer, but you also will not have the pretty cocktail waitress bringing you
drinks (no alcohol!). There are both advantages and disadvantages to on-line
play, as opposed to live play. But rest assured my methods are just as valid
on-line. Use the same principles and ideas in "Betting For Profit" and you
will stay ahead. Good luck to all!

Anthony Mancuso