27 Sep 2007 21:53:38
Site with good strike rate MarkYourCards

Got this mail from markyourcards.co.uk


Just to let you know we have now got just put the new improved website
LIVE, as promised its now got our new FREE feature of horses of the
day that require a closer look, including strike rates since we
started beta testing the new feature. Worth checking your tips out
against it - see below.

Hope it helps you all


We have also introduced another FREE section to our website called Man
Vs Machine Best Rated Horses , our historical horse rating information
in conjunction with today's racing factors are used to suggest which
horses are definitely ones to have a closer look at today, our strike
rates for winners and each way reflect the success of our base ratings
for that period of time, one list is compiled by our top statistician,
with the other list being automatically generated by the time rating
system itself, by using this base information and studying other
factors like draw, jockey and trainers form etc, this will obviously
greatly improve an individual's strike rate and thus aid the success
in betting and laying horses.

This complements our current FREE race of the day (selected at
random), which we hope you have found useful.

We are hoping as we expand the system in the near future, to start to
supply racing information for Irish Horse Racing too.