29 Aug 2005 17:33:08
Being hit in the wallet

Marie and I like to play 4 horse tri-boxes for $1. $24 total bet. It's
a division of labor on the bets. I download the BRIS when I think there
will be a decent payout on a race, give the race or, rarely, 2 races to
Marie to handicap and when she's finished after 1 1/2 to 2 hours I'll
throw my darts for a long shot or ask her why she threw out a longshot
or why she kept an obvious loser ;-).
It's a collaboration that works.

We play once or twice a month and have hit a decent number of them
since starting about three years ago. Our records show we are ahead,
reflecting the modest bets and infrequent plays, with the exception of

Since January we have hit six. 3 of them were for less than 600 so the
IRS doesn't get involved. The last five weeks have been sobering.

The first was for 615.00. The second was for 624.00 and yesterday's was
for 612.00. We are very happy with our luck but we are really pissed at
the law. All three were "signers" and the IRS will really be involved.
I think the law was passed in the 60's but there has been no adjustment
for inlation.

The point of all this is we are seriously considering giving them up as
a play because we do not see the estimated payouts prior to the race.
We would never bet a race if we saw our picks hovering around 600.00+
but less than, say, 900.00.

Am I just a whiner?
Are $0.25 tris in our future?