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Las Vegas Open
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W1a ***Hot stuff - check this out !!! W1a

machineable tungsten alloy
Hi all. I am looking to manufacture some darts for hobby. Do any hobbyist dart makers know of a good, machineable alloy of tungsten that is easy to work with? Additional questions I have ...

dart boards
Does anyone out there have any experience with the Puma Bandit dartboards? I went to a tournament with these on the wall and they looked new.Problem was the darts kept falling out of the b...

Priestley on form
Dennis Priestley landed his first tournament win in eight months when taking the Players Championship in Gibraltar. Dennis The Menace ensured he was the first winner of the new event ...

Re:Fetish adult sexy contacts
spam and more spam....this sucks Best regards, You wrote...

how did he lost it ??:P Best regards, You wrote: <...

Re: Where is my mouse babe? this is wrong Best regards, You wrote: <...

Dart holders
My Dad makes these Dart Holders, if anyone is interested please email me at He does it for fun, it's not a source of income for him, if it were, he's b...

Please acceptr my apologies for my countryman Berry. He does not know what he is talking about since he lost his manhood. I remember that day as if it was last week. -- steg

Darts Coaching or Training
Does anyone have experience setting up darts training and coaching clinics? Our league would like to set up something of this nature as another way of recruiting new players. We also p...

Bye Bye Barney
De website van de fanclub van darter Raymond van Barneveld staat te koop voor 500 euro. Bovendien is de fanclub, toevallig net in de week dat Barney de prestigieuze Lakeside-finale in het ...


So, what makes a player want to stick with the BDO? Fear of not being good enough for the PDC? Having just watched some fine games at the Lakeside, surely some of these guys would be ...

re: Re: Anyone here who hasnt hit 180 yet? <-- hehe.
about 200 orso. LOL And that's not pro i know. Rocky --------------= Posted using GrabIt =---------------- ------= Binary Usenet downloading made easy =-...

Another RE: to Lucifer ... Read inside (again)
a Re at: Chong Dak formuleerde op maandag : > Josh Hayes wrote: >> "Rocktron" <> wrote in >> news:43cb17ce$0$7162$6c4159fb@news.twea...

phil taylor purist gold titanium unicorn darts
has anyone bought any in the UK yet ? what do they think of them ? I thought they where all 24.1g but the set ive just got is 24.4g cheers paul

Re to: Lucifer <--- yep.. f*ck you too mate. Read iside.
Get a life. Just thought i could give a hand. And wow.. i found an ass. Congrats mate! You found yourself while reading this. And a spell with it. Don't read or look at this thi...

RE: Re: ATT: How about i share the full 2006 finale (Dutch SBS6)
But.. check ab.dvd. I don't have to upload it anymore because it has been done :) Same thing.. same evening.Lakeside the Final 2006. and it's DVD format VOB files. Get it!

World bosses reject Bristow claim
Organisers of the Lakeside World Darts event have hit back at former winner Eric Bristow's claim that this year's final was like watching "amateurs". Bristow also said new champ...

Celibrate with Yelluh -- steg

BBC News: Barneveld vows not to swap sides
<> Beaten finalist Raymond van Barneveld has vowed to remain with the British Darts Organisation and go in search of...

ATT: How about i share the full 2006 finale (Dutch SBS6) dvd
Hey guy's, I recorded the whole thing from SBS6 onto DVD. So yes it's Dutch :D I wanted to record the dutch version because i am 1 LOL And it's historical. So lemme kno...

Andy Fordham
Do you now the joke about Andy Fordham? No? Me neither, because the door was locked. Whahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <...

I'm on Muis! Ab

Zeg Chong Dak
Mag ik van u 1 keer 164 en 2 keer 180? De sambal mag er alleen bij als ie gratis is.

I'm totally quiet at the moment. Jelle the best, Barney crying. It made my day.

Well that was good
What a good game a darts that was... -- fisho.

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