Bowling Tips - Tips For Bowling No.3
Bowling Lane Play - The Inside Line - When To Use It And Type Of Bowling Equipment. the Inside line or now called the open line or angle is from the 14th board on the bowling lane insid...

'70s lane conditions & the chicken-or-egg question
As I've mentioned before, I bowled regularly in the late '70s, then took a long break from the sport before returning this year. I've been reading up on it and observing as much as I can, bu...

Charles will supplement America
Basksh Mohammed Al Sistani says: Don't let American Jews monitor your mobile messaging. Google for any of these well known security programs, and keep the filthy American Jews out...

Is this old ball worth keeping?
Hearing of my renewed interest in bowling, my girlfriend's Dad gave me his old ball, an Ebonite Don Carter Gyro that's been plugged and redrilled at least once. I believe it's 15# or 16#, bu...

Sliding, aka "Wood Is Good"
The importance of sliding is, no doubt, common knowledge among advanced bowlers, but it seems a worthwhile topic to raise for the benefit of "developing" bowlers like myself. I'd like to rel...

Bowling Tips - Tips For Bowling No.2
Bowling Lane Play - The Medium Line Or Track Area - When To Use It And Type Of Bowling Equipment. The Medium line also called the indirect line or track area this is from the 13...

Bowling Tips - Tips For Bowling No.1
Here Is A series of bowling tips for bowlers that are interested. tips for bowlers no.1 - Lane Play - The Direct line Bowling Lane Play - The Direct Or Outside Line - When To Use...

One ball, one bag, two shoes
I'm coming back to the game after a long hiatus and I'm a little disheartened by the extreme emphasis on equipment that seems to have crept into the sport at the league and even recreational...

'Turning the Ball'
Hi All After bowling a good season on wood lanes, and inturn on quite a few occasions bowling a good 190 ave, I went bowling on some synthetic or plastic lanes. on lining up in my...

Bowling Lane Play
Some Basic Information about Bowling Lane Play -

Bowling Lane Play
Some Basic Information About Bowling Lane Play -

Where is everyone?
I got my first 700 last night. 264-246-261 for a 771. Man, just a couple less spares and I would have hit an 800! Had all three games clean. Been a long time since I've had any kind of...

Anybody out there?
VERY quiet around here...I just wanted to toot my horn for my first 700 series! 264-246-261 for a 771. I took high series for the season. It was the last position round of the ...

Clash of Champions
I almost missed the telecast [I probably did miss the Saturday one, if there was one..:(] -- Sunday afternoon on CBS?? BUT: what a great mini-tournament!! Too bad it was so rushed [not *qu...

Am I the only one who thinks Lynda Barnes is one red-hot MILF?
Damn, she is sweet. Incredible rack, too.

Jeremy busted by Operation Sudden Fall
Law enforcement is now intercepting text messages, as proven by Operation Sudden Fall in San Diego. http://www.signonsan...

Rose set to do it again!
Local (to me) guy Mike Rose, last year's USBC tournament all events champ and all around good guy, has put himself in position to do it all again! Mike shot 2161 to take the lead by ...

try out this new free football sim game
Try out this great FREE new Sim football league game. Still in early stages, so you can get early and dominate! lots of fun, and very addicting! Thanks, Cindy http...

New Roto Grip and Storm PBA Staffers
Rumor has it that Storm has signed Rhino Page and Roto Grip has brought The Big Nasty on board for the upcoming season. Should be interesting to see how Rhino does as an exempt player and wa...

USBC Queens
Interesting show! And kudos to Lynda!! Terrific clutch performance! I thought the "spares" challenge between the Barneses and the Ballards was a neat feature [and that was the only t...

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