re: twobowlers picks the 7-10
Whatamaroon...I could have pasted in the link... -- It is hard to get a man to understand something if his salalry dep...

twobowlers picks the 7-10
During Team Internet's voyage to the high desert, Mark managed to convert the 7-10. My video is shot for the perspective of the adjacent pair so it is on the left part of the fr...

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Computer Students Free Tutorial website And Ebooks programing
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Why doesn't Randy Pederson bowl any more?
Did he get injured? Just give up? Make more announcing? Anybody know? T

Bowler of the year
So- who's it gonna be? Barnes or WRW? I like 'em both. I don't think Scroggins has a shot after Rhino GORED him last week. WRW has a "weird" style to me, not that big power hook many use...

best year of bowling every
i've been bowling since i was 6 and now i'm 24. this by far has been my best year ever. my averages are 220 and 215. i shot my second 800 this year and have also shot 297 and 298. i have two...

2259 all events scratch in our city tournament with my Total NV
I scored well in our city asso. tournament with a 2259 scratch score I averaged 251 for the 9 games with my Ebonite Total NV -

2259 all event scratch in our city tournament
I scored big im our city tournament I had a 2259 all events score scratch I used my Ebonite Angular One in singles and double and my Hammer Black Widow In Team. My series were 706+771+7...

No posts bout Rhino?
Page wins his first title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T

Cleaning Bowling Ball
Hi All I have an NV Total which I really like, I have read about various ways to help clean / remove the oil that is absorbed into the ball, ranging from the sublime to the extrem...

The bowling gods smiled on me tonight!
Been a while since I've been able to brag about bowling with all the trouble I've been having with arthritis in my shoulder. Well, the payoff for moving to a 15-pound ball came tonight. ...

The 3-2-08 Don Johnson Open
Congratulations to Chris Barnes for title #10! "for a moment" in the final round, it looked like he was gonna totally deflate after the first 2 frames. However, he successfully shrugged the...

Have to ask, what is the 2 year "exemption"?
I've bowled on lots of leagues, used to toy with trying to compete but tendonitis of the elbow made it too rough. Anyway, the PBA website has some requirements but it seems like if you aver...

793 With The Amazing Ebonite Game Breaker -
I have a fantastic outing today with my son in the annual Jr. Adult tournament with posting a score of 216+298+279=793 with this Amazing reaction Of my Ebonite Game Breaker. My son bowled a...

Amazing 300 Game With The Black Widow Pearl
Yesterday a friend of mine bowled a Incredible 300 game with the it was fascinating to watch as he had about 18 in a row the ball reaction was amazing after the 300 game he then posted a sco...

Kudos to Kulick!
Kelly Kulick won't be in the finals tomorrow! :( Wes Malott ultimately defeater her in the Round of 8, but it took ** ALL SEVEN (7) GAMES ** to determine the outcome. Looking at ...

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