USBC League Handicaps
Can anyone help explain the logic behind handicaps being 90% and pegged against a 190 or 210 benchmark? Would it not make more sense to set it against a 300, with 100% of it's value, so that...

Summer leagues
Hi guys, I'm not sure if anyone posted about this (I did a rather limited search), but how many of you are bowling summer leagues? I'm on a trio sweeper league that's lots o...

13 lb weight block?
looking for a 13 lb ball that actually has a real weightblock... not a pancake or Eb. Tornado with the 2 pucks on top n bottom.. any suggestioons? Schritt-Br=FCder (2008) (Vorproduktion) Weg stark (2008) (Schmierfilmbildung).... Dewey Cox ... aka Weg stark: Die Dewey Cox Geschichte (U... Since 1943 Gobind Expeller Company manufactures and exports technically advanced machines for oil mill industries. We manufacture complete range of oil mill equipment...

Bowling Stuff page-spreadsheets etc. updated
I updated my prizelist calculator spreadsheet v1.8- Now has sheets for 8,12,14,16,24 and 32 team leagues added the grit comparison chart also heres the url- http:...

clean & dull
I e-mailed ebonite and they assured me that they would not be discontinuing any of the tracks ball cleaners. they will however be changing the name in the near future. they are getting rid ...

Grit Comparison Chart for bowlers
This is a chart I came up with comparing several bowling related products grits, Like abralon, scotchbrites, Trizacts etc. With some of the standard grit charts. thought this would help with all ...

Abralon vs. Sandpaper (Please Repost)
A while back, I asked if anyone had the grit comparisons of Abralon and sandpaper. Someone was kind enough to print the chart. Unfortunately I lost the information. If t...

can't throw a straight ball
my first ball is fine, I get plenty of strikes with my hook. but I miss allot of spares because I can't throw a straight ball worth a damn. having my hand under the ball upon release feels s...

New forum
Join my forum... sorry im positng it here.. but im just trying to get new people to join it.. it is for the Serious bowler or the occasional bowler... has tournament information, maintainenc...

Since WWE does seem to be newest -innovation- from ESPN, will there be a -Royal Rumble- pn the lanes with pins flying everywhere, balls rolling across the approaches, and bowlers bein...

league question
is there winter, spring, summer and fall league's, or just winter and summer ? how long to they last ?

Lefties At Nationals?
If there are any lefties that have been to Nationals this year, what ball and line seems to work best. I have... Awesome Hook Infinite One Big One Odyssey

R.I.P Pro Lanes Closed Down!! in Mass
The last wood house in Mass closed its doors. Pro Lanes N Reading Ma to make way for another WALGREENS

Question Regarding Grip for Spare Ball
I've been bowling for about four years now. My average is kind of low at 154 but I think that's primarily due to my inability to make easy spares most of the time. I think what I lack ...

FS: 1990 Collect-A-Card "Kingpins" (Bowling) 100-Card Set
1990 Collect-A-Card "Kingpins" (Bowling) 100-Card Set I have for sale the 1990 Collect-A-Card "Kingpins" Premier Edition 100-Card (Factory-Sealed) Set with Original Box. The set includ...

looking for bag
anyone know where I can get a good deal on a triple roller bowling bag ? new or used.

new ball advise
hi, here are the list of new balls I am looking at. any advise ? hammer: black widow, hammer: no mercy, ebonite: total nv, storm: shift, storm: special agent.

nail polish remover??
i know that acetone is illegal in cleaning the oil off ball in play,but i never really read anything that said nail polish remover was illegal,it probally is,but will it harm the ball or is ...

USBC Queens (spoiler)
Kelly Kulick won the USBC Queens tourney last night, televised on ESPN2. It was good to see the ladies back on the tube, at long last. It seems absurd that, in a world where you can see guys...

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