bowling basic terms
I am a bowling beginner. I have 2 basic terms to query. How to say if no balls are hitted? How about all balls are hitted in one shot? thanks...

am I getting out? Road Runner recently "improved" the service here...<cough> <cough> -- Unwritten rule #43: The companies that generate the most...

pocket 7 10 Split
I was bowling the other night & saw several pocket 7 10 splits. I knew they happened occasionally but they seem to be happening more & more frequently. -- Have a good day R Sch...

nice form on this shot

Merry Christmas!
MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone at! Edward DeGraaf, USBC Certified Bronze Level Instructor. Latest 300 Game - 09/30/2003.

So I'm reading this months edition of Bowlers Journal
and I see an ad on the inside cover of the front page. Buy an Elite Blue Alien ball and get another ball from another manufacturer free from Ok..kewl I s...

Hello guys! I have a question for you.... Who conied the expression "you're gone brookling" when you get a strike crossing the pocket? Thank you for your kindness and best w...

Harley-Davidson Raffle
The Rhode Island Youth Arts Association and the Northern Light Drum & Bugle Corps is raffling-off a brand new, 2007 Harley-Davidson XL 883 Sportster Motorcycle to help raise funds for our yo...

Your Highest Game, Series and Average?
What is the highest sanctioned game, series and average that you have maintained in a full season of bowling. These do not have to be in the same year. Mine are: Game: 300 (3 of...

Resin ball with urethane arc?
Hey all. So bear with me here. :^) After a 15+ year hiatus from bowling, I started back up this past summer. I pulled my near mint condition AMF Sumo (sanded) out of the ...

rare pin case
What happens if a pin is hit and rolls around, but by chance lands upright? Does the system count it as knocked over? Or is it impossible?

Anyone left
HELLO! Is anyone left out there.

alternate scoring systems
Has anyone played around with some alternate scoring systems. I like this one for kids: total pins Simple: 2 points for strike 1 point for spare 0 otherwise <...

745 last night w/ 2 pocket 7-10s.....
....ah, what could have been......

Cheryl Daniels
Hi all, I am looking for websites about Cheryl Daniels. Cheryl is an African American Women bowler. Do you know some interisting websites about her. Many th...

most spares in a game
What is the record for most spares in a game? For pros? It seems unlikely that a pro would get 10 spares because the good rolling indicates enough accuracy for some strikes....

what ball do you use ?
I use a morich seek & destroy bowling ball. how about you ?

Why Increase Your Vertical Leap By 6-12 Inches, When You Can Double It?!
From: Luke Lowrey Los Angeles, USA Date: Tuesday December 12, 2006 Subject: 6 in 60, Or Yours Free - PLUS $100 Cash! Do you realize what has just hap...

Re: trip report, Imerial Lanes, Ardmore OK
Now that is spectacular usage of the lanes on Saturday. As far as Canadian centers i've played in, most have no desire to cater to bowlers who want to compete at higher levels. Ma...

Dynothane shoes vs Dexter
Has anyone had anything good to say about Dynothane shoes as to how they slide compared to Dexter? Was wondering if their new heel with adjustable things gives more slide than Dexters gree...

blister problem
I get a nasty blister that bleeds on the base of my thumb. any suggestions ?

Re: trip report, Imerial Lanes, Ardmore OK
When are you guys going to open a center in Canada? We need the type of service you're offering. Too many dud centers up here. Keep up the good work!

The 10 pin tap, as good a reason as any to quit bowling...
This post could be considered a whine or a rant by some so if that bothers you please read no furthur. I've come to a realization about bowling that almost makes me want to quit. ...

The 10 pin tap, as good a reason as any to quit bowling...
This post could be considered a whine or a rant by some so if that bothers you please read no furthur. I've come to a realization about bowling that almost makes me want to quit. ...

Bowling Eliminator Program
Does anyone know where I can get an Eliminator Spreadsheet for bowling? I have searched everywhere with no luck. Thanks!

Dead Ball problem
I have a morich colossus ball that just is not hooking like it used to, I always clean it during and after a match, I have had it resurfaced, profesionly cleaned, put out in the sun in the summer and ...

1 pin spares
How well do the pros convert spares with just 1 pin standing? Somewhere between 80-96%? I'm not much of a fan.

High lenght ball
Hi all, I am a french bowler and I am looking for a high lenght reactive ball to play in dry conditions. Previously, we had Brunswick "Punisher" ball but it is no longer av...

Lane One Rocks!
I have nothing but great respect for Lane One bowing ball's. I have four of them in my arsenal and find that the Blueberry Buzz Saw is the best for the type of delivery and shot that I rol...

7-10 split
I read that the odds of converting this are about one in a million for any bowler, but what about for pros? Do they keep track of this stat in PBA games?

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