Anybody have a Korean link thats sells balls?
Please let me know need Asian balls. Thanks

Effects of Oil on a Polyester Ball
I know that oil can affect the way a reactive ball travels down the lane. Can this also affect a polyester/plastic ball that is thrown straight (end over end roll)? My friend throws a pol...

wow what a night
well last fri i went off to bowling and felt great my first game i felt i cant miss the pocket i ended up wit a 215 the second game i was just in sink rolled a 245 the thir...

Abralon & Sandpaper Comparison
Would someone provide the grit comparison of Abralon to sandpaper, i.e. 4000 Abralon is equal to --- grit sandpaper. I am using more and more Abralon, but it is always a guess. ... offers Google Checkout
Hello all, I just wanted to let everyone know that Google Checkout is giving all of our customers $10 off any order of $30 or more. Now is a great time to pick up any bowling equ...

Strange charm about abandoned bowling alleys
Hi all, Just recently, a mammoth bowling alley closed down in Miami, Fla (Don Carter's lanes, Kendall drive & 137 ave). It really broke my heart, because it was a family hangout f...

Some Bowling Spreadsheets
I've been working on some bowling spreadsheets. I have two so far one is a sheet to keep track of games & averages etc. The other is a prize list generator. They are excel spreadsheets. ...


Any videos of pinsetter machines in action?
Hi all, When I was 10 years old (back in '85), I was allowed in the pinsetting room of a bowling alley to see the mechanics. It was really awesome. I'd like to see that again, but...

Any videos of pinsetter machines in action?
Hi all, When I was 10 years old (back in '85), I was allowed in the pinsetting room of a bowling alley to see the mechanics. It was really awesome. I'd like to see that again, but...

see I haven't touched it for about a year, but I don't know of any problems. 'hope it's of some use. There are hundreds of hours in this....

CleanStrike towels, anyone?
Has anyone recently purchased CleanStrike towels? They still have a web site, but ordering is accomplished by mail. I sent an order two weeks ago, and the check has still not cleared my ba...

goal for this season
my goals it to go from a 189 ave to a 195 or better toget a 700 series and try to get that elusive 300 game i`d like to hear your oals for his season

Just returning from rotator cuff surgery
Got cut about 6 weeks ago and am still in rehab. Anyone else done this lately? Any good ideas, exercises or advice? Started this season off left handed (103 average) after 224 right handed...

Bowling prizelist spreadsheet
Well i've been trying to find something like this. Finally got finished making it myself If you want to try it here it is-

Prize Fund Vote
When asking for the league vote on the prize fund, do you ask for the Team Name or Number? Or is it a closed vote? Thanks - Don

Need a new ball. Any suggestions?
I just bought Ebonite's Infinite One. Problem is that I can't use it in the bowling alley where I live. Even though it is drilled for going long it hooks too early. It's great for when I'm playing i...

Bowler needed
Tamarac Lanes in Tamarac Florida for Tuesday night 8PM league. Tuesday night invitational. Minimum Average is 150, and it is a 100 percent handicap league off of a 230 Average. It i...

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Old Bowling Jewlery
I am loking for old bowling jewlery like 300 rings and 299 etc.. I am looking for stuff from like 1960 and older. I jsut want to collect them so if yo have anyhting yo may want to get ...

Any Bowling Tournament BT to share?
Hi All, Just wondering where i can download some PBA bowling competition shows for my bowling fanatic friend.. Anyone got any link or BT to introduce? I try to search online but...

ESPN classics replays
Today's was the 1978 Quaker State open. In the title match Roth left the door open for Holman... Awesome show. -- "There would be a lot more civility in this wo...

heads and midlane dry, back ends dirty - how to play?
Any ideas how to play this condition? A women's league bowls ahead of my men's league and the lanes are not dressed in between. Most of the women throw plastic, so the oil gets pushe...

Looking for a prize list program.
I was wondering if anyone had seen a program for making a prizelist. I had two but cant find one of them now. one was called Prizelist.exe (It wont run for some reason now) and I can't remem...

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