need good proshop dallas area
can someone recommend a good ball driller in the dallas, richardson, garland or mesquite area. tia

Boycott Gettysburg
Link to photos showing how the battlefield looked before superintendent John Latschar raped it. We loved Gettysburg: took dozens of week-long trips, s...

bowling slumps durning the season
I was just wondering how people if slumps during the season and if they do how do they get out of them?

Radical Inferno Now Available
Radical Inferno in 12 & 16# weights are now available for immediate shipment.

need drill spec sheet
anyone know a site where i can dnload a newer drill spec sheet, i have a couple that must be about 20 yrs old, they do not record all the new parameters of interest. tia

Finding a knowledgeable/helpful pro-shop
Can anyone give me some helpful pointers in finding a solid pro shop that is knowledgeable & willing to assist in finding the right set-up that matches up well with my style of play? <...

Gilmac Drill Bits - NEEDED
I am in need of some Gilmac Drill bits, I would consider buying the whole set but definatly need 31/32 and 1 3/8 please email me if you have th...

Practicing/training with a Polyester ball before a lesson
After recently taking up the sport again I've been concentrating on m approach and picking up spares. At the time, I only have a polyeste ball (Brunswick Target Zone) that I bought about 6 y...

anyone with teal rhino experience?
when i last bowled i carried 190+ using a teal rhino, highly polished, 1oz on finger and 1 oz + side. I am ready to resume bowling, i no longer have my rhino, would the hammer black widow b...

primetime vs. illusion????
does anyone have any knowledge as to a comparasion to these balls?? i have been averging around 200 with my illusion and won a primetime ball,as far as aggression,backend,flip are any other...

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The importance of a good grip!
I recently had my grip redone by a driller who's "schooled" on the latest fitting/drilling tips/tricks/techniques. The main things he did were: * Shortened my span * Z...

Randy Loses Tour Card On Espn Classic
Yup, they showed it twice today and both times randy choked and blamed it on some guy in the crowd. Today he probably blames it on some guy in the parking lot or some guy across the street...

Bowling Equipment Ruining the Game?
I love bowling, and bowl in a league every week. I consider myself a decent rec bowler. I put almost no effort into it, I just bowl the once a week, and only own one ball. I don't pract...

Ball Driller Takes Credit for 300's NRV Superbowl
Local ball driller and maintenance man at the NRV Superbowl takes credit for all 300's. I will be traveling in that area soon and will get several balls punched for my next 300's!...

Ball Return Injury (child)
Just ball return accidents happen often? Tonight my son (he's 5) ended up getting his hand caught in one. He was bowling with some of my family while I was in league....n...

Bowlinball dot com's newsletter
What do you folks think of the current newsletter from bowlingball dot com? Does this kind of stuff really go on? Bert2X "Strategic Bowling Have you ...

Shoe Suggestions
Hoping to get some guidance from you guys... I bowl in a league, same place every week. No tournaments, nothing else. The lanes where I bowl changed approaches last year, and my shoe...

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