Bowling Video
There is a bowling video, SVCD format, posted on alt.binaries.multimedia.sports

Stealing Secretary
A former bowling league treasurer from New Jersey was enrolled in a special probationary program on Tuesday after stealing $12,900 from two league accounts. The man needed the money because...

We won!
Last week of our 26 week league tonight and lo and behold, we cannot be caught. Finished a good 5 points clear. Wahey!

Youth coach in Orlando FL area
Anyone know of a good coach in the Orlando area? Thanks

Is this idiot still around?

Sport shot
Winter league average...........222 composite Sport shot average...............175 Difference..........the sport shot is actually fun.............except for the other 30 people i...

buy new bowling ball in NYC
I want to buy a bowling ball as a gift, so i want to find a place in NYC that actually sells them (as opposed to an online joint) so she can pick out the right size and color and have the ho...

Finger tip grip-vs-conventional grip
May I get some advice? I'm a left-handed bowler. I used to have a 171 average--finger tip grip.. In 2002, I had a 3rd Stroke, affecting my left hand, making the tips "asleep"--...

Suggestions to shrink thumb in summer?
Hi, I bowl year-round (Chicago, Illinois area) and my thumb tends to be too big for the thumbhole at the very start, but shrinks considerably after some practice shots (or about 3...

Lane #1 Ball Going Cheap
Everybody knows Lane #1 makes a great ball. Try getting one this cheap:

I'm just getting back into the game after a 10 year hiatus. I signed up at Berks Lanes here in Reading,PA. I went over there on a Monday afternoon (yesterday) about 2:00 PM. Out of 48 ...

Work out mass bias without a determinator?
Is it possible? I got a ball in here with 2 MB's marked, and while it is pretty obvious which is correct, I'd like to check... Ryan

Good Ball for Dry Lanes
Need a good ball for dry lanes:

Breman Bowl Burns
I didn't know Breman Indiana had lanes, but it's too bad they burnt. I guees the summer league kids will have to go to South Bend or Quick's lanes?

Sport League Humbling
Well, I was sufficiently humbled by the 40' 2.5:1 pattern we are currently using for the first 4 weeks. I had a 615 series! (4 games) :-O Even the "high end" bowlers were humbled, and it ma...

New Bowling Documentury Movie
I see that a new Bowling Doc has come out but in very limited release so it might take a while for the 5 copies of the film to get to my neck of the woods. The trailer looks good,...

Help - Advice needed for dry shot
Looking for help from the educated... ABC house I bowl for some reason lately has been extremely dry. Add to that their air does not seem to be working well just evaporates anything that was...

complete pro shop for sale
I have a complete bowling pro shop for sale.Everything must go.I have a lot of moey invested into the shop but willing to a loss on what i have. Of my recent move I dont have the time to d...

Michael Jackson
What a travesty!!! This sob should be put to death!!!

Ques. A time limit for Postponement bowling?
Last season our league had a small problem with postponement bowling. A couple of teams that were granted postponements were dragging thier feet and taking several weeks to get around to mak...

Can I use a human head for bowling ???
I'm a serial killer and I have so many severed heads and skulls in my cellar that I don't know what to do with them. Can I use them for bowling?

Bowling Clinic - Portland, Oregon
Hello everyone, We are hosting Ron Clifton in Portland Oregon on July 8-10 to run a bowling clinic. Format will most likely be 2 days and will have lots of on lane instruction. ...

FS: 1990 Collect-A-Card "Kingpins" (Bowling) 100-Card Set
1990 Collect-A-Card "Kingpins" (Bowling) 100-Card Set I have for sale the 1990 Collect-A-Card "Kingpins" Premier Edition 100-Card (Factory-Sealed) Set with Original Box. The set includ...

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