Extra bowling pins?
Anyone in the Detroit area have a couple of bowling pins I can have? I have a craft project in mind. Doesn't have to be perfect, but at least in decent condition. :-) Thanks!

FS:or trade
#15 Warp Zone thrown 6 games. To much of a hook for me. Im willing to trade for a #15 Red Fuze, Blazing Inferno, or a four ball bag. I dont care if the balls are used as long as there not ...

Comparable ball
Well I took off nearly 4 years of bowling due to lineage increases and prize funds dropping. I bowled in several tourneys including National Bowling Championship in Reno and Hoinke Classic...

FYSBT - November 13/14 - Lane Glo Lanes - New Port Richey...
From: Maree49@aol.com Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 21:45:16 EDT Subject: November 13-14 Loschetter Tournament at Lane Glo Lanes - New Port Richey JUNIOR OLYMPIC GOLD EVENT!! ...

another house is closing
Riverdale Bowl, a 54 lane house in West Springfield, MA, is closing. I started there in a league and we were told last night that there would be no more at that house- We'll...

Pin Dropping Below Cover
I have a new Dynothane Vendetta, and after about 15 games, the pin is dropping below the cover, about 1/32". I own about 10 balls, and this is the first for me. Is this a sign of separat...

Hello, I just got a second-hand ball, and going to get it filled/drilled for my hand next week. I have played about 5 evenings so far (with house balls), no coaching or ...

Alert ! Al Qaeda hides explosives in bowling balls !
Watch out! There may be bombs hidden in your balls and you could go KABOOOM!

II Update.
What the lanes can give, the lanes can take away. Following a strike filled 780 series, I get an almost double-less series. Hit the pocket and leave a signal pin. I was living in the land ...

5-Pin Canadian Bowlers - ANYONE Know of Online Pro-shops?
I Love 10-pin bowling. I only just realized how 5-pin bowling is almost uniquley tied to Canada (and a few other areas). I'm currently in a 5-pin bowling league right now. And there's a...

Can Any give me info about: XBT- XTREME BOWLING TOURS INC
I have never posted here before. My name is Mike Janis and I run a 9-Ball (Pool) tour called The Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour. I noticed a Press Release the other day that mentioned a new Pool T...

New Ball
I just bought the ultimate inferno and threw it for the first time. What a ball. My first week I had a 652 and the 2nd week I had a 744!!! I was averaging 195 now its a 203!! This ball i...

FYSBT - Results from Countryside Lanes - Clearwater...

Common score
The other night I shot a 279. Not a remarkable score in today's game, but it was my first 279 game. I have bowl a couple perfect games over the last year and booked 200+ a t...

my centre is now walled...
a dryish one at that but tonight I polished up my Nemesis for the first night of my 9-pin tap league and shot 300 300 300 LOL I've been averaging about 220 on it so far proper, but app...

If you could design your own center what would you insist upon?
Ok.. the topic is bascially the question... Lanes and lane machine are basic things.. I more after the "unique ideas" something you have seen in a center that not many others do but

Central Florida
Anyone here from the central Florida area? Specifically the Longwood, Altamonte Springs, Casselberry area? Interested to get peoples opinions of leagues, lanes etc... Thx

disk 3 required for BLSx32, !!!URGENTLY!!!
Has anyone got a copy of disk 3 of BLSx32 which we need to re-install on our PC as ours is corrupt and CDE software don't support it anymore. I'd be much obliged Thanks

Doesn't Bill Rollins live in New Mexico?
http://cnn.netscape.cnn.com/news/package.jsp?name=fte/smartstates/smartstates States Ranked: Smartest to Dumbest The smartest state in the union for the second consecutive year i...

pba tapes 1980s
looking for pba shows from the mid 80s to late 80s, have many here, only format i can do is dvd

the High Fat faithful
Those interested in Low Carb with High Fat are invited to join a Yahoo group of like minded folk. Link: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/LowCarbHighFat/ Susan Powter was...

Century 100 conditioner manual
Does anybody out there have a Century 100 operators manual? The house I bowl in has the machine, but doesn't know how to use it. I'm hoping I can help. Thanks. Kev K ...

Mid-States Masters (Michigan).
Does anyone here bowl the Mid-States Masters tournaments in Michigan? If so, how well are they run? How many bowlers typically show up per tournament? What does this rule mean: Only o...

Bill Rollins Big Bag of Wind
You Were Supposed to kill Metzger he attacked me yesterday at noon . Tzippy

blsx32 for windows
HI, Can anyone help?? My disk 3 of 3 from BLSx32 for windows has mysteriously disappeared. Does anybody have a copy they could e-mail to me. I've tried the software vendor but ...

Finger soreness/pain; exercises to cure?
I am about 48 and experiencing pain while trying to provide some lift during delivery of the ball. Pain is intermittant and usually (but not always) subsides after bowling, but interferes wi...

Level 1 coaching class -- Titusville, FL November 13
[i've got a PDF of the registration form if anyone needs one..] JUNIOR OLYMPIC COACH - LEVEL 1 SEMINAR SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13th, 2004 RIVER LANES 800 CHENEY HWY

columbia Fear
Anyone have experience with this ball MacDash@home.nl

Old Style Green Bay Packers Bowling Ball
A few years back I saw a clear bowling ball with the Green Bay Packers "G" in the middle. I passed on it at the time and now I can't find it anywhere. Any suggestions on where to look? I'v...

Thumb pitch - loose comfort to gain the more perfect release?
I sometimes throw some of my friends bowling balls as our spans are almost identical - about 1/16 difference on the spans. Our pitches are different on the fingers and thumb, with him havin...

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