Bowling center for sale
Snyder Lanes in Snyder, Texas is for sale by owner. Anyone interested in a small but busy 16 lane bowling center contact me. Please serious inquiries only. Thank you, johnnobles@hotmai...

OT: Virus Warning
For anyone that hasn't been flooded with e-mails posing as Microsoft Security Updates, there is a very bad virus flooding the net right now. It is the W32.Swen.A@mm worm. If you get ANY e-...

Columbia Wicked
Does anyone have information on a Columbia Wicked? It was recommended to me and I don't know much about it. Thanks Nick

I could just about cry....
During practice before league tonight I had 7 strikes in a row, then as league started I rolled another 5 strikes in a row. GRRRRRRR!!! Oh well, at least I know I am capable of it now. I ...

Any websites that sell candlepin bowling balls??
I am in Maine where candlepin bowling is popular. Are there any websites that sell candlepin bowling balls? Any info appreciated.

Best overall ball???
OK everybody. Give me your best shot. I don't care about hearing about lane conditions, etc,etc,etc. Given one ball and one ball only, what ball would you pick to live and die by. <...

Drilling of spare ball
I am a 190 average bowler and the problem I have is the 10 pin staying put or I would be well over 200. I use a spare ball but after I got my strike ball drilled correctly I am having a har...

whats every one`s goals for the fall league ?
mine is to bowl constant 600 series every week and to bowl my first ever 700 series and to bowl my first ever 300 game all while finishing first place . is my goals to high...

1980s ABC Pba Tour Shows
does anyone have any 80s pba abc tour shows for trade

White Dots, Zebra Stripe, and Other Polyester Balls As Low As $0.99!!!
All on e-bay: 16-lb White Dots Red/Orange/Green Red Swirl http://cgi...

Bowler quits league - need rule verification
According to the rule book, a bowler must give notice of 2 weeks that he is quiting the league, and all dues must be paid... etc..etc... The league that I bowl in, had a bowler q...

Women's bowling league folds
There was an article in my local paper today reporting that the ladies bowling tour has folded.,0,7832278.story?coll=...

FYSBT - Final Results - Boardwalk Bowl, Orlando, Sep 13-14, 2003

Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED
Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED Postal lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED I found this in a news group and decided to try it. A little while ba...

Junior Coaching Class
Ok Brad, I'll bite. (and you were *handed* the win on that other thread <g>) Has anybody taken a junior coaching class lately? I'm scheduled to take a class in a few weeks, and I...

Houma, LA SASBA tourney
There is a SASBA senior/ super senior doubles this weekend in Houma, LA Don't bring a partner, qualifying is separate, then pair up in the Baker-style finals. Entry fee is $160. Call 1-800-6...

Dammit, this sucks. The "no-smoking" threads are over, (I figure I won since everyone else was wrong), leagues have barely started, the tour isn't on so no Robert Smith, and I'm bored as he...

7 pin
Would someone please tell me how to pick up a 7 pin. I am a left hander. I stand on 34 0r 35 & my target is 16. or what am I doing wrong when I leave 7. I would rather leave any other pen ...

10 game marathon tourn.
Moonlite Marathon Series Saturday night, Sept. 27 midnight Check In appx 1 am start Interstate Lanes, Round Rock TX 10 games across all 20 lanes Hdcp 80% 0f 220, ...

Bowlers Eastern Scratch Tournaments Schedule
Hello Bowlers: I have just updated the Bowlers Eastern Scratch Tournaments Schedule ("") on my Website.

how to find uk tournaments?
hello everyone. i was wondering where i look to find a list of tournaments in the uk. cheers andrew

Team Practice
I need some advice from all the experienced coaches out there. Please give me ideas on how to organize and run a team practice session. I want to have them work on a variety of things but ti...

Are PBA members getting Sport Bowling sanctions this year?
It's the annual need to know question.... are PBA members getting Sport Bowling Sanction this year? Send a reply back to my E-mail as well. Thanks Michael Jacobs P...

Who eats the cost?
I bowl on a Abc sanction league on Friday nights, all teams are to have five people on each team. We are currently looking for a fifth bowler, my question is if it takes us lets say seven we...

Back on track
I have a low spinner type track that I seemed to have developed over the past few years, my ball skids way to far down the lane before it begins to hook and if the lanes are oily forget abou...

Junior Tournament Bowlers results from Satellite Beach now available...

First night in league - Ow, my back!
Last night was the first night back in our fall, winter, spring, whatever league. I took the summer off doing all kinds of other activities. I threw a few games about a month back wi...

dull vs. polished????
upon some replys to my question on how to get my illusion to get furthur down the lane before snapping,i was leary but tried thier suggestions on instead of polishing it(an idea i thought wa...

Got my ball plugged and redrilled and now it doesn't rev like it used to?
Hello all, I took a few lessons with a certified bowling coach/pro shop operator and he recommended I get the thumb hole relocated because the span was too large, the thumb angle ...

Bowler(s) wanted and invited Sport League Vernon Hills Illinois
If your interested..... we have at least one opening for a team now. The team you would be joining is in 4th. 7 point out of first in it's division! Weekly fee is $25.00 per night + sanction...

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