20 Apr 2004 19:19:39
training program

could some one give me a brief training program to follow with work out
times and food diet

23 Apr 2004 09:42:57
Re: training program

Gavin me old china,

I am a beginner type and the best thing to do is not to try fancy
exercises - stik to bench press,shoulder press,chinups,bent over
rows,lat raises,shrugs,dumbell flys,squats,leg press,curls and dips
and mabie deadlifts,

i do 2 exercises per bodypart (except bicepts and tri's) and split
back/bi's/legs and shoulders/chest/tri's so the sessions last about an
hour , having said that i am no beefcake !!

however the main thing is probably using good form amd be consistent -
lots of guys i know give up after a few weeks if they dont have
'boulders for shoulders'

good luck G

jonny wildboar