Boost your testosterone by 400%
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I know some one who is trying to build a web site and I was just looking for ideas of what they should include. Any thoughts and ideas are very much welcomed, thank you. Anna-

The Anabolic Diet, Atkins diet
Guys, I am reading about this diet: The Anabolic Diet - Mauro DiPascuale.pdf Anybody tried it? Is it goor? BTW, is this the same or similar to the Atkins diet? Because I r...

Personal Trainers, Massage Therapy-Deep Tissue,Hot Stone,ReflexologyAnd More! Treat yourself!! Get a personal trainer or a massage therapist you are comfortable with. Its great for the mind, body and spirit. Find a thera...

Mestanolone Nasal Spray
Does anyone know if they still make Mestanolone (or DHT like) nasal sprays?

Instant Strength Training Strategies That Anyone Can Use
Ever wondered how over the years there has been a surge of different strength training techniques that have come onto the market and then just faded away. Are you sick and tired of getting n...

Dihydrotestosterone in pill form (aka Androstanalone)
Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find Dihydrotestosterone in pill form??? There must be some website that sells them...

ebay: Approx 19 hours left! Lot of Bodybuilding Magazines! *LOOK*
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Q: Sex after training good or bad for muscles?
howdy mates! does anyone know whether sex after training and having my portion of whey protein good or bad? and by sex i dnt mean hardcore! i mean normal sex....

Bodybuilding WBF Championship VHS
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Ebay: Back issues Bodybuilding magazines
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how many exercises per muscle group per session?
How many different exercises can I do per muscle group? For instance when training my arms I would like to so 5 sets preacher curls, 5 sets 30 degree bicep curls, 5 sets reverse bicep curl...

my wrists limit my progress
I don't have a very large bone structure. My biceps, triceps and forearms have developed a lot. The problem is that my wrist have not increased size and when lifting a lot of weight (especia...

Want To Stop Over Training In The Gym
Let me tell you a quick story, twenty years ago I was very influenced by the bodybuilders and the training systems of the day. Hitting the weights five or six times a week, splitting upper a...

Nutritional questions and Meal Replacements...
I want to start changing my diet. I'm on the skinnyside and have always had a fairly high metabolism, however I do have some fat I would like to get rid of that's covering up my abs. My bo...

sly stallone
Sylvester Stallone is now on taking questions for the general public??? There's a slew of famous athletes answering questions. I just wonder how legit it is...

posing moves
I was watching that special on Joanna Boyle, the English female bodybuilder, and she did a move while posing on-stage. I don't know if anyone saw it but she basically made a swiping motion w...

The Truth About Bodybuilding Myths
You might disagree, but hear me out on this; the vast majority of myths about weight gain are mostly passed down from "gym talk" and so-called experts who know nothing about the body's...

help breaking through plateau
I have been doing workouts for 3 years now. I had a chronic illness which cause me to be extremely skinny. But since I started training I gained some weight. The problem is that I now find ...

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