FOR SALE! Beretta 92-FS CO2 air pistol
Hi, I have a Beretta 92FS CO2 air pistol for sale. It is in perfect condition in it's origional carry case with 2 magazines. This pistol in in -perfect- condition. Hardly used and...

FOR SALE! Weihrauch HW-45 (.17)
Hello, I am selling a Weihrauch HW-45 air pistol. It is the .17 calibre version. This pistol comes in it's origional box with allen keys and a spare seal. This pistol is as new. L...

spring pistol good for small vermin?
Looking up BB guns in order to try to take care of a little lizard that we have in our garden and happened upon this CYMA DEA Compact Spring Airsoft Pistol From the commen...

Who makes beretta airpistols?
does anybody know who makes airpistols for beretta? Thanks!!

Do co2 cartridges get old?
I have often wondered if co2 cartridges loose from seepage through the foil seal. Does anybody know anything definate?

REAL OR FAKE TITS! Awesome site
HOOTERS! Awesome picture quiz! See the difference between real and fake tits!

Crosman Nightstalker
OK, I've testfired this rifle today, and I gotta say, I got a real stiffy for it. It's a beautiful and functional compact/tactical air rifle (both at the same time, now that's rare!), just...

Crosmann 400 C02 rifle magazines
Anyone know where to get them? And yes, I know it's an old rifle and Crosman doesn't have them. As well, they aren't made. I was hoping for old supply. -- Regards,

ppk/s or makarov (CO2)
Hi group Do either or both of these pistols blowback action recock the pistol (ie. load new bb into the barrel, move hammer into unfired position?) or is it umarex style, ie. trig...

How To Build A Gun
Hey all, I saw some stuff on with homemade airsoft guns, which looked like modified pump squirt guns. I was wondering if you guys could assist me with instructions for building o...

Diana 34 (.22 caliber) - Noise?
I just purchased a .22 Caliber Diana 34 to help get rid of some groundhogs that have taken up residence on my property. Can I have some feedback about what kind of noise I should expect upo...

Best Pellet?
Hi All, I have a Air Arms TX200, what is the best pellet for the rifle? I have heard you have use a pellet suited for it. How do I find which pellet is suited for it?, After a break o...

Older/original? Daisy Powerline Target Pro 953
Dear Friends, I recently purchased an older model of Daisy's Powerline 953. This model is identical to the AVANTI 853 Legend: wood stock, Lothar Walther barrel. What i...

FS: Crosman 600 semi-automatic pellgun pistol (BB Gun)
this gun is NM/mint, check out the pics $190 shipped(usa) ...

what kind of scope do you recommend?
I've bought a Gamo and am very happy with it. However, I realize that my eyes aren't the same as they used to be, and would like to purchase a scope in order to hunt squirrels. W...

Barrel shortening
I've been given an underlever which has had it's front sights removed The end of the barrel is tapered and then runs at 15mm dia' What effect would cutting off the taper have on accuracy an...

Looking for Single Action (Colt style) airgun...
Hi...this is my first post to the group. I am looking for a Single Action style airgun. Something that closely copies an old Colt or new Ruger Vaquero. My firearm is a Ruger Bla...

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