Help Selecting PCP Rifle
I've been using a FWB 124 & love it except that I'd like something as quiet or quieter that has the capacity for follow up shots (bolt action etc.) for shooting squirrels and targets. My .1...

Crossman Mark I parts
Was digging around the basement and found my old Crossman Mark I from about 25 years ago! I'd forgotten that I even still had it! The seals seem to be gone though as the gas leaks badly....

Turn off gas on 2250XT
Is there a way I can 'turn off' and release the pressure (to save the seals) on a Crosman 2250XT without releasing all the gas in the bottle? Thank you.

Jammed Pellet(s) in Theoben Rapid MkII barrell (12 shot)
hi there I am an infrequent airgunner and don't know much about the technical side. Over the weekend a "mate" managed to jam one more pellets in the barrel of my beloved Theoben. ...

Daisy 840 Grizzly
Hello all Is the Daisy 840 Grizzly a good choice for an eight year old to begin shooting? If not, what other recommendation can you make? All suggestions are welcome.

Curse of the Pistol Eye
Discovered something this weekend... put an air pistol or air rifle in my hand, point me a target at extreme range, and I'll boresight, adjust, and if I don't hit it on the first shot, I'l... A new Online-Gun-Shop! Walther, Heckler & Koch, Optics, Silencer, Clips, Barrels, Blank Firing & Co- 2 Guns and Accesspoires.

Help me pick a .177 air pistol please!
Okay, I've been putting this off for a long time but I'd like to get an semi-auto pellet air pistol for indoor and backyard target shooting (and maybe the odd crow that decides to tear int...

Looking for pachmyr grip
Can someone tell me which model of Pachmyr grip fits the Brocock Orion 6 .177 pistol? TIA Richard -- Please Reply via Newsgroup

WTD Trigger for Milbro Series 70 model 79
Can anyone help me i have just snapped the trigger on my old rifle does anyone have any idea were i can get one from found but they dont have any model 79...

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HELP - 2240 CO2 stuck
We've got a hardly used Crosman 2240 with the CO2 powerlet stuck in it. It won't fall out. What do we do to get it out without damaging anything? Thanks in advance.

Clubs near Crawley W.Sussex
I am wishing to start in the sport of air rifle shooting and was wondering if any body knows if there is a club near to where I live. Crawley in W.Sussex. Any good weblinks, mag...

Lethal Weapons Seized
"Cleveland Police teams recovered the arsenal as they arrested 12 people in swoops on Redcar's Lakes estate yesterday. A BB gun, a large crossbow, a machete and two large hunting kniv...

Shepreth HFT Shoot - Sept 18 - UK
Shepreth Airgun Club (near Cambridge / Royston) are holding an HFT shoot on Sunday 18th Sept. A 30 target / 30 peg course adhering to UKAHFT rules held in two adjacent coppiced woods. ...

help on a Gamo R-77 Combat 4"
hello guys, I 'm after parts in the UK for a Gamo R-77 Combat 4" does any one know where I can buy spare parts? thanks in advance

crossman C40 vs 2240
what are your opinions of these air guns.....currently looking at these two models to purchase. abacass

More restrictions planned for UK (The Scotsman, 8 Sept 2005) Airgun restrictions to be introduced following killing of two-year old New laws will make weapons more di...

Need help picking out a CO2 .22 pistol
Greetings, I've been the proud owner of a Benjamin 392 for a while now and I'm considering a .22 pistol for target and rodent hunting (rats). I'd like to get some advice fro...

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