Sensitive hold
I am new to Air-rifles but have bought some spring-pistons guns from local "hunting buddies." I have extensive rifle experience from hunting in the U.S., but have noticed a feature of t...

PCP left handed wanted
I am looking to purchase a second hand left handed pcp airgun combo in either 177 or 22. Must be in good condition, need not be excellent, depending on price. Essex based preferred as would ...

For Sale Cometa--300 Deluxe flagship model as new
I have for sale a cometa - 300 Deluxe. + an Apollo 4X32 scope this is the deluxe version of cometa,s flagship model-300. I only got this rifle four weeks ago from a local tackle and gun shop...


Crosman SP250
Looking for a source for the .20 and .22 cal. kits or a new in box with all the .177 cal and the other two included.

shooting pellets backwards
Has anyone ever shot pellets backwards? They must expand great, if they are able to hit. Yes, I know that the skirt will deposit alot of lead in the bore as it engages the rifling.

CO2 Pistol Storage
Do airguns that use CO2 cartridges tend to let the gas leak out if the gun is stored with the cartridge in place and ready to go?

I am looking to purchase Brocock guns and accessories Thanks Billy

FS: BSA Airsporter 'S' (UK)
BSA Airsporter 'S' in .22, with walnut stock, 4x32 scope. Very accurate, power near to 12 ft-lbs. Excellent condition. Can post anywhere in the UK. 175 ono. Email me for pictures/details. <...

Indoor Paintball in Houston, TX
Check this 48.000 sqft facility out:

Bsa Pcp for sale/swap uk
Hi sorry if this is the wrong place to be placing this. I have a bsa spitfire hf carbine 22,silencer,3-9x40 scope,bag,6v tracer max lamp,red filter,Rws pump,sling,swivels,target holder,300 t...

Indoor BB Taret/Trap?
Anyone know of an Indoor target/trap thing to use specifically for a BB gun? I've seen lots but they all say Pellets only, No BBs. Thanks.

Non-lead pellets?
Does anyone make pellets (.177) that are not made of lead? My home airgun range drops pellets into my vegetable garden, and I want to keep down the lead contamination. Pete ...

FS: 43 Years Gun Digest-Chicago
Hi All, I am offering for sale, my revered collection of Gun Digest Books Dated from 1960-2003. All Books are in Excellent++ to Mint condition. None of these DG Books (I mean n...

pellet sizer
Can pellet sizers increase the width of a pellet so that it fits more snug into the barrel?

What is c-t-c? I know it means center to center, but what does that exactly mean? How do you mesure a shot groupings c-t-c?

How to cock a high power break barrel pellet rifle?
I just picked up a couple of Winchester air rifles (Models 1000X and 1000SX). I'm considering making the Winchester branded guns my first line of air guns to sell--very nice all metal and ...

Time to ban water pistols? A man is set to face magistrates after an incident in which a passing policeman was hit in the face by a stream of water from a high-powered novelty ...

FS: Mod. AF-10 (Air Pistol)
Details visit:

Home-made Air gun / rifle
Hi! Does anyone have any information or *plans* as to making a spring piston based air rifle?? [based on human power??] Preferably auto-loading? I'm just thinking of designing a ...

Shoot Required - England West Mids area??
Hi All, I am looking for another shoot in the West Midlands area, if you have one and are willing to share, or if you have one to offer me then please contact me ASAP, ...

Air Arm 100s
Hi There, I am looking for an Air Arms 100s filler cap for my rifle, if anyone has one and would like to part with it I would be extremely grateful, and obviously I would pay for ...

new discussion forum
Here is a link to a brand new discussion forum. Just about any aspect of shooting sports is open, but especially airguns, paint ball, air soft, RAM markers. http://www.airgunst...

Brand spanky new with a few questions.
I've recently purchased a new air rifle a weihrauch hw90. I was out the other day when one of the pellets seemed to jam in the barrel after cocking and firing a few times the pellet fired, i...

Choosing my first PCP
I could do with some advise on choosing my first PCP air rifle please. I am currently torn between the following: Air Arms S200 .177 Air Arms S400 .177 Webley Raider si...

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