13 Jan 2005 21:07:44
. . . . Yahoo! News; UN Launches Condom Cartoons - "Shaft, Stretch and Dick"

--United Nations'
--cartoon condoms
--Global body unveils Shaft, Stretch and Dick in TV ads pushing
AIDS-prevention message
--Posted: January 13, 2005
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The United Nations has launched a series of 20 animated TV ads to stop the
spread of AIDS, featuring cartoon condoms named Shaft, Stretch and Dick.

Available in 41 languages, the U.N. calls The Three Amigos ad campaign the
"start of the world's largest integrated behavior modification program

"We're using humor to stop the spread of AIDS," Canadian producer-director
Firdaus Kharas told reporters.

The program has a potential reach of approximately 80 percent of the world's
population, the U.N. said.

The condom characters are pictured in a variety of settings, including a
spaceship, soccer field and casino.

A spot called "Talk," which features the three condoms on a couch
interviewed by a TV talk host, reads like this:

INTERVIEWER: And you never try for sex on the first date?
DICK: Never, we just ... talk [nervous laugh]

SHAFT: Yeah, about stuff, and everything. [As female audience begins

STRETCH: You see, manhood today, it's like a spiritual thing. [Audience
booing grow louder]

INTERVIEWER: Yeah right, evolved men. Give me a break. [Audience cheers].

VOICE OVER: Trust your instincts, not your date. Carry a condom. Stop the
spread of AIDS.

The spaceship spot has the Amigos as astronauts on a rumbling launchpad
inside a condom-shaped craft as it builds power to liftoff while a female
voice, apparently mimicking orgasmic sounds, counts down. The launch
suddenly aborts and the voice over at the end tells viewers: "No condom, no
blastoff. Stop the spread of AIDS."

The soccer ad says: "You just can't score without a condom."

The U.N. says the "groundbreaking HIV/AIDS prevention strategy" is strongly
supported by South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, who has called the TV
spots "a powerful communicating tool."

Tutu has written an open letter to broadcasters around the world with "an
impassioned plea" to "use these PSAs. They cannot be played enough."

The U.N. says The Three Amigos already has received 25 international awards
and competitive festival selections, including four international awards in
the last week alone.

It currently is playing regularly in South Africa, the Netherlands and

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