04 Jan 2005 03:48:16
- - - Yahoo! News; South Africa Engages in "Illegal" Gun Amnesty Program

South Africa offers Gun Amnesty

Pretoria, South Africa, Jan. 2 (UPI) -- A national amnesty has been adopted
for South African illegal gun owners in an attempt to reduce the country's
crime rate, the BBC reported Sunday.

Owners of illegal weapons will be able to drop them off at police stations
around the country for the next three months without fear of prosecution.
Possession of an illegal weapon is normally punished by a sentence of up to
15 years in prison.

Every surrendered weapon will be tested in an attempt to determine whether
it was used in a crime. No amnesty will be given if the gun was used in
criminal activity.

Officially figures show nearly 20,000 people were murdered in South Africa
in 2004.

Gun Free South Africa and Cape Town University estimated in a report that
8.4 percent of the population own guns, amounting to about 3.7 million

[I wonder what guns they consider to be "Illegal."]

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