30 Aug 2004 14:28:52
FS Walther CP99

Walther CP99 for sale on eBay. Auction ends 9/4/2004.


31 Aug 2004 01:13:05
Re: FS Walther CP99

He obviously does not read ebay policy:


"BB Guns, Replicas, Blank Guns and Imitation Guns
eBay does not permit the sale of BB guns, air guns, black powder guns
or muzzle-loader guns. eBay permits paintball guns, "airsoft" guns,
and replica, "look-alike," and imitation firearms under certain
circumstances. Replica and imitation items must have clear markings
permanently affixed to the items to the extent required by federal law
(commonly a blaze orange plug inserted in the barrel), and must not be
readily convertible to shoot a projectile. These rules apply even to
novelty items designed to look like firearms".

Hey...I don't make the rules...I just repost them.


On 30 Aug 2004 14:28:52 -0700, rainbowtrout777@aol.com
(RainbowTrout777) wrote:

>Walther CP99 for sale on eBay. Auction ends 9/4/2004.