With Alqafellh you could now add to your website the Middle-East language,spoken by over than 350 million inhabitants,that prefer to browse your website into their own language, to be in a ...

Testing. Jim

Sail Simulator 4.2 where to buy in Belgium?
Sail Simulator 4.2 where to buy in Belgium?

sailing and sailboat online jigsaw puzzles
free online sailing and sailboat jigsaw puzzles

Learning to Sail
Learning to Sail Many people learn to sail by going sailing with their friends or parents. But how do you get started if you do not know anybody with a boat? Read ...

LF: Source for replacement handles sophus berendsen rope clutch handles
I have an older sophus berendsen rope clutch which is in very good shape with the exception that one of the handles has broken in 2. Does anyone know of a source for replacements? Thanks

Eliminating boom bales
Hello, I have a 18ft sailboat with a 125 square foot mainsail and a 12' 7" boom. I would like to use high tech line instead of boom bails. The boom doesn't have a track on the bottom an...

Cargo Net Knot for Children CLimbing Net
Hello. Could someone please tell me what the best knot would be to create a climbing cargo net for children, in other words the knot at the intersection point. Also the knot at the to...

Boat Shoes
Does anyone have a source for older model boat shoes? I'm looking for 2 different types of Timberlands from the mid-80's. I found them to wear better than any others. One model is the "Timbe...

CS22 for Sale.
1975 CS22 for sale or sail your choice. It comes with a trailer with new tires. Last year I replaced the windows, installed a new head, motor mount, compass and pop top canvas with windows (...

Wood Mast repair
I have an antique sailboat I aquired last summer, and have been working on it on and off since then. Everything was there, and I hope to sail it this summer. The big problem is the mast wa...

Cel Nav Weekend, Mystic, June 16-18
June 16-18 at Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut. A "celebration" of Celestial Navigation with presentations on the modern business of celestial navigation, historical topics includi...

Sailing to Cuba
I am planning to sail to Cuba next winter, and hope to hear from sailors who've been there and done that. I am interested in all practical aspects: legal, navigational, logistics, etc....

Lake Huron Sailing - Membership / Slips Available
Caseville, MI - Sailboats up to 38 feet. Drafts to 6' CO-OP yacht club with membership oppt. Slips - $1200 to $1500, winter storage incl. Ideal location for families, club events, weekend ...

Serial Killer Sailors?
Have there been any documented cases of serial killers who targeted boaters? I'm putting together a list of known hobbyist serial killers. I imagine bird watchers would be easy to off...

Sail While you make money
Sail While you make money heck out the system first -

Battery questions
For the past several months I've been running my van with no alternator. How low should I let it get before charging the battery? I've just recently started monitoring it with a tester. ...

Di a da in con su per tra fra il limite di Chandrasekar, la perope ed altre bagatelle
DI venire a fare una regata in adriatico, una buona volta, avevo voglia da molto tempo. A un amico( vabbe' amico...un conoscente...vabbe o) )che ti chiede ...

electrical question - 2 generators/alternators
I have a question that I would appreciate an answer to from anyone who has a clue. My question is this: can you have 2 generators (or alternators) charging the same battery ban...


Trolling motor efficiencies
Does anyone know anything about the true efficiencies (output power to input power) of Minnkota or Motor Guide trolling motors. I have questioned reps of both companies and they deny any k...

Car and Deep Ccyle (Including Marine) Battery FAQ
Hi all, The Car and Deep Cycle Battery FAQ has been updated. The current version is 5.5, dated April 30, 2006 and can be found on Answers to Frequently Asked...

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