FS-Wauquiez Amphitrite 43 FT. Ketch - Curisiing/Racing yacht -
Wauquiez Amphitrite 43 FT. Ketch - Curisiing/Racing yacht - Cocoa Beach, Fl http://demo.triniumcorp.com:81/usb/?i=23

Boat Crewing Web Site
Hi, I've just put a new site online and was hoping for some feedback from boat owners and crew: http://www.workonaboat.com Did I miss any important links? Any advice f...

New Group -"Cruisers with kids"
there is a new group called "Cruisers with kids" on google. Just type in Cruisers with kids in the google search and you will get it.

seeking information about Windward Yachts Jolly Roger
I have recently become the owner of a Windward Yachts "Jolly Roger" 23ft 4'' fiberglass sloop, full keel, very classic lines. Unfortunately there seem to be no (online) resources available f...

Catalina 22 hin
Can anybody tell me where to find the HIN on a Catalina 22? Thanks Gordon -- Ask not for whom the terrorist bell tolls; it tolls for thee, and thee, and thee...

More sailing magazines for sale

boats for sail
I have two sunfish for sale. Both have racing boards and sails. Stored inside when not in water. Good shape.

clickyachting.com :: sell your boat for FREE online
Clickyachting :: sell your boat for FREE online http://www.clickyachting.com * Get a free advert to help sell your boat including photos * Research boats in our online yacht...

charts and parts for great loop for sale list
send email to chartsandparts@gmail.com with "subscribe" (no quotes) in the subject header

Ericson List
It looks as if the Ericson List on Sailnet is defunct. Does anyone know of an alternative source for information exchange between Ericson owners?

sailing mags for sale (this is spam)
(non-commercial spam) hopefully someone will enjoy reading these again. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Four-Australian-Sailing-Magazines_W0QQitemZ4576699129QQcategoryZ72538QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem ...

Shrink wrap vs no shrink wrap
Hi all. I have a brand new Catalina 350 that I spent this Summer sailing. I'm up in the Boston MA area. Well I"m about to have it pulled and of course my boat yard wants to know if I wa...

Help w/1st Cat purchase
Hello, I am just getting into sailing and would like to purchase my first Cat. My wife & I would like something that we could use for social week end sailing & eventually for regattas. I am ...

clickyachting.com :: sell your boat for FREE online
Clickyachting :: sell your boat for FREE online http://www.clickyachting.com * Get a free advert to help sell your boat including photos * Research boats in our online yacht...

Mast climbing
Don't know if y'all have seen this ... but it's a hoot ... gary http://www.quointech.com/PowerQuick1.htm

sailboat transfer
Licenced skipper available for transfer of sailboat in the mediterranean sea, very cheap price. Alfredo. tel .+39 3202691566

American 22
Saw this American 22 sailboat FS cheap, along the highway yesterday. It's a mid 70's model. Anyone ever heard of an American? It has a pedestal or marquise shaped keel. Wide and poi...

To sand or not to sand?
I have a 26 year old 22' sailboat and am wondering if most people sand their aluminum masts or just leave them alone. Seems to me if it were smoother, drops of moisture would not cling ...

FS: shortwave radio
FS: shortwave radio dx-394 this is a radioshack all digital shortwave reciever. covers 150 khz to 29999 khz am,usb,lsb,cw bands digital green backlit display.

ocean sailing
Hi guys I want to sail from usa to greece. and I was wondering if you guys can send me some advice on; 1- what is the minimum size sailboat I should have, 2- what boat materi...

Info for Nantai 37 Requested
A Nantai 37 Cutter is listed locally at a reasonable price and I have been having trouble finding information on the boat design, quality, sailing character, maintenance issues (other than t...

Information on Daysailing
Live in the Northeast US and looking to buy a small sailboat used or new about 15 ft that can be towed with my "car" (2000 lb tow capacity). I need something small that can be easy to sail a...


Need some help from the Brits
This week I had to install my only spare forestay turnbuckle on my Westerly Cirrus which parted due to corrosion of the turnbuckle barrel. I emailed several British chandlers inquirin...

gotta figure this out

Figure Head Found
A figure head was found off Dunkerque/France. Does anybody know the ship which lost it? See: http://www.marinamap.com/en/articles/23.shtml Thomas

Lunars Workshop this Friday in Mystic, Connecticut
Lunars: the OTHER Longitude. --------------------------- WHAT: A workshop on lunar distance navigation presented by Frank Reed. WHERE: At the Planetarium at Mystic Seap...

Shoal keels v. Fin keels
Looking specifically at a Moody 425 (1980's) there are two keel configurations available: a standard fin keel at 1.88 m draft and a shoal keel at 1.44 m draft which has a flared lower edge (...

George W.Bush rules the 7 seas !!!
He is the admiral of the seas and you must show him your respect, or you will be destroyed and may rot deep under the sea !

Emergency Now Help!
HELP! my son needs immediately some one to help bring sailboat fro Maryland to Florida my daughter is helping but extremely sick an cannot finish trip; NEED HELP NOW please call me if ...

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