1974 hunter 25 - need dimensions for trailer
I have a 74 hunter 25 for which I would like to build a trailer. I could use some dimensions for the placement of the supports. Anyone with ideas on how to obtain hull dimensions on this b...

Nautical Books on eBay
eBay Item number: 4571892171 This auction consists of a bundle of 13 nautical books featuring sailing instruction, boat maintenance, nautical history and fishing. Descriptions as ...

loads on masts
Hello, need to get some data on load figures on masts for sail boats. Various pulling forces from forestay, halyards,shrouds , backstays etc plus pushing forces from spreaders act ...


Navico Tillerpilot 1600 Manual
Hi. I have a Navico TillerPilot 1600, but I don't have the manual. Does anyone know where can I find it? Thanks in advance

"Student sailors take to the sea"
Student sailors take to the sea at http://www.washtimes.com/metro/20050828-105853-2814r.htm

Running halyards aft
I designed and am about to order a "mast collar" that attaches to the mast at the deck to provide bails for blocks for turning halyards. A single one is $195, but if I order a scend set, th...

MacGregor 26s For Sale
I'm selling my MacGregor 26s, moving up to a larger sailboat. Go to macgregorowners.com, classified adds. I'm the one in Michigan.

Looking for Danahelm
Hi there ... I am really in need of schematics for a DANAHELM 3760 course computer (autopilot). Any help .. ? Regards Niels Nielsen

Enterprise Dinghy Info Help?
peter Wrote: > emitime wrote:- > Hi > I'm a new member here. I have just bought an old GRP Enterpris > dinghy, > which I am currently working on to restor...

Enterprise Dinghy Info Help?
Paul Rawlinson Wrote: > Just to add to my last post, you do seem to have bouancy tanks o > yours, > this version was designed for sailing on the sea. you can cut holes i ...

Enterprise Dinghy Info Help?
Hi I'm a new member here. I have just bought an old GRP Enterprise dinghy which I am currently working on to restore. I'm a little confused by the "one design" description of the ...

Newbie needs explanation of Hunter wing keel
First of all, I am new here and brand new to sailing. I was recently given a 20-year old Hunter 23 that has "the infamous wing keel". (Its former owner was given an ultimatum by his 'mate' a...

Looking for info
I recently bougth a 15' sailboat and was told it was manufactured b Hullmaster. I have no other information on it. It has a small cudd cabin on it and is sloop riggged. I would like...

Cruising Bahamas w/ Kids?
HI I don't stop by much because I don't have internet much but I am here with a quest today. I am heading out on my annual migration south in a little less then 2 month...

any ideas for multi-purpose multihull design?
I am looking for multi-purpose multihull with some special characteristics: -Low cost (less than $5000) to build (or buy second hand if such a design exists) -For lago...

Many GPS items for sale
New from the factory and free overnight shipping in the USA. http://stores.ebay.com/Jundtman-Wholesales I have 100% feedback. If you have any other items you need, please feel free to e...

Magellan 310 GPS for sale..
Only used on one trip, so effectively brand new. Magellan 310 Handheld GPS unit, complete with blue floatation case manufactured by Cartom Inc out of Hinckley OH, also a set of Duracel...

Yanmar failure and reliability data
I wonder if someone has some reliably data and jurisprudence concerning broken cam shaft on sailboat diesel engine. I have never seen a cam shaft to snap under normal load. The cam shaft on...

Island Packet 27 For Sale
ebay # 4569940738

maxsea installation
I had often installed MaxSea 7.x on my laptops. For the last one ( a better one)... I can't open the program with the folloing message: insufficient memory... and after, impossibility to ope...

catboat info?
I've always been fascinated by catboats, but I've not until recently considered building one, so my knowledge of their design is limited. What I'm wondering is, were cats like the Seli...

FS: Sailboat-loads of gear-TN
1979 San Juan 7.7M Racer-Cruiser - 7 bags of sails including spinnaker ... Loads more Tandem Axle Trailer with chrome wheels, surge brakes & submersible lights plus launch extension

FS: Grampian 28 Sailboat - Canada
For sale: 1975 Grampian 28. Beam 9'6", draft 5'. This boat has been owned by the present owner for 20 years and has been extensively sailed - 10 years in Eastern Canada and 10 years in th...

Kirie Elite 326
Hi there... I'm in the USA in the New York area and looking at a rare (in these parts!) 1990 Kirie Elite 326. There's not much info on these boats here. Can anyone give me s...

Experiences with a Norvane Self-steering Wind Vane?
Does anyone have any experience with this make of self-steering wind vane? ( http://www.selfsteering.com ) It seems to be substantially cheaper than rivals and I wondered wh...

Inside Passage
How good/bad is sailing from Vancouver to Alaska via the inside passage?

"I Love The Smell...
of date palms in the morning!" Our spoof of the famous line from "Apocalypse Now" will tickle any sailor's funnybone. https://www.cafepress.com/tmen.28255099 --...

Experiences with Yanmar?
A friend is about to buy a small boat with a yanmar engine (diesel). She wants to know if it's a good engine. However, I don;t have any experiences with this make. Kindly gives me yours in...

compulsary mediterranean insurance?
hello i have a 1949 wooden sailing yacht currently moored in portugal which i sailed across from the caribbean in last year.i'm looking at cruising along the spanish coast during september a...

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