FS: San Juan 7.7 Plus ...
1979 San Juan 7.7M Racer-Cruiser - 7 bags of sails including spinnaker ... Loads more Tandem Axle Trailer with chrome wheels, surge brakes & submersible lights plus launch extension

Rotomold Techrothene Repair
Hello: I have a sailboat that has a hull made from techrothene 121. It was damaged by a tree limb falling on it. The crack goes all the way through to the inside. The manufactu...

Pacific NW Forum
I get passed a lot of good info and not all of it makes sense to go in my blog, so I decided to post it to the Pacific NW forum on my site. http://www.shipsrecord.com/forums/92/ShowForum.a...

San Diego to Seattle
We are bringing a 44 feet sailboat from San Diego to Victoria, Canada in a couple of weeks (we are planning to leave on August 7th) and I was wondering if you have some advise for us. We ar...

Picnic 17 sailboat
I recently bought a Picnic 17 sailboat. I know just by looking at it that it is pretty old (60's or earlier). I'm wondering if anyone has any information about the boat. Rigging instructi...

FS: Grampian 28 Sailboat
For sale: 1975 Grampian 28. Beam 9'6", draft 5'. This boat has been owned by the present owner for 20 years and has been extensively sailed - 10 years in Eastern Canada and 10 years in th...

Clean Gulf 29' Pilothouse for Sale in Olympia, Washington.
Capable coastal cruiser, very well maintained. More information available at http://www.sailestrella.com/gulf/ Fair Winds, Adam Yuret

Sailing in the Med - Sept 05 - Crew wanted
Hi I am organising a sailing adventure in the Med on a Grand Soleil 39. We sail from the Ebro delta to Mahon in Minorca to Alghero in Sardinia. Approx. 10 days. beginning of September.

Contessa 26 for sale
Contessa 26 for sale CO 304 build 1978 for sale in Holland price 11000 euro

sail logo
A friend and I just bought a 15 foot daysailer that we found at a local sailboat dealership. When we asked what kind of boat it was, the reply was "We have absolutely no idea; there is...

Does anyone get some info about sailing boat "Turbo"? Thanks --------------= Posted using GrabIt =---------------- ------= Binary Usenet downloading made easy =--------- ...

Gullivers Travels
Wheeler Flowage, WI 28 June 2005 Chapter one: "...He is shipwrecked..." Chapter two: "... He gains favour by his mild disposition. His pockets are searched..." ...

Searchable repository of sailing links - Check it out
Hi all - I've built this collection of links related to sailing and a number of related topics. I've used RawSugar (http://www.rawsugar.com) a new tagging and publishin engine. <...

Robertson & Caine Leopard 45' Catamaran 4500
Is anyone aware of a Robertson & Caine Leopard 45' Catamaran Model 4500 located anywhere on the west coast of the Americas? I can find versions of the 4000 and 4200 (40' & 42' models) but...

Strange winged sailboat
Last week an odd boat sold on Ebay; it was a single-hander, about fourteen feet long, in which the skipper sat forward of the smallish, wing-like sail and, I imagine, steered with rudder pe...

Hunter 146 Opinions
Looking for any feedback on these boats, particularly the hull material construction (rumored to have had past problems, but "fixed" now), and sailing performance. My wife and I...

Question to Ships on Lake Erie
Hello there, in the middle of the 19th century, steamers have transported passengers and goods from Detroit to Buffalo and back on Lake Erie. I wonder whether (and when) there have been...

Shanta 900 information requested
Hello out there! Does any one has informations on the Shanta 900 yacht type. All I know is, it is a 9 meters long slup, which is told to has been build in poland. I cannot ...

Yanmar 4JH4E: Problems with operation while sailing?
I have a Yanmar installed in my sailboat and have been infomed by a boat-dealer, that this engine has problems if running under Sail at an inclination. Does anybody have information about ...

I have a swift 18 1983 sailing boat, can anyone recommend a good insurance company please.

Roller furling versus roller reefing
I recently watched a cable program on heavy weather sailing techniques. During a reefing discussion the distinction was made between headsail roller furling and roller reefing systems. How ...

I Am Looking For Information On Spirit Sailboats
I am looking for information on the Spirit sailboats that were licensed by Glastron to be made in Austin, Texas. There is very limited info available on the internet or from Glastron a...

Electronic Charts SE UK
Does anyone have a SE coast (uk) charts CD? I only need a couple that cover Felixtowe/Harwich area.

Cool Site
what dou guys think is the price to high www.boatsinmotion.co -- jvr

Cool Site
www.boatsinmotion.co -- jvr

Cool Site
what do guys think is the price to high www.boatsinmotion.co -- jvr

Blog System for Sailors & Sailing
Announcing a blog system for anyone interested in crusing, racing and all things sailing-related. It's called SailBlogs and is at http://www.sailblogs.com. There are currently o...

Cordage & Cables vintage knotwork nets 1943 FA
VGC Superb old book ,far less common than volumes on general knotwork. Covers the following:- Cordage-- manafacture ,care , bends and hitches , coils , sennit , Net making , Blocks & t...

who designed the IP23?
Island Plastics 23. Built at Cowes in the late 70's. I was wondering if anyone knew who the designer was. Thank you.

Where can I contact Francespar for a new mast? thankyou

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