Sailing Radio Shows
Ahoy Everyone! I wanted to let you all know about a 2 new shows that features tropical and sailing music. Both are on the same station but one is da...

Looking from advice from CS 27 sailors - Are they underpowered?
I am looking to buy a late 70's CS27 and am looking for some advice from current owners. I have heard that the 8hp Yanmar Single Cylinder is ok on flat water, however it struggles when fa...

Colvic Sailer 29' 9" Project how much to do it??? (long)
I have the opportunity to make an offer on a colvic sailer 29' 9" moulded in 1980 but never completed. The details are below as to whats included in the sale and what state ...

US Yatch
Could anyone tell me about US Yacht motor sailors. its a 1979 with a diesel that hasnt been turned in a couple years. Thanks Doug ******...

Q: Where do I secure the jib line?
Just learning to sail and went out all day on a Catalina 22. Really couldn't find a good place to cleat off the jib line. Help? - Chris

Circumnavigation of Australia - FAST!!!
From: "waratah" <> Newsgroups: Sent: Saturday, June 25, 2005 3:48 PM Subject: Circumnavigation of Australia - Record Attempt ...

keel stuck in boat in up position help
I have a small sail boat an Aquarius., love it and do not wish to part with it... the keel is stuck in an up position recently I wanted to address the subject ., tired of sail with a reduc...

Hawaii Sailing updates
Hello all, I just joined this group and wanted to put my 2 cents in about something I discovered about the Ali Wai entrance channel, namely the nav. lights at night. Both the NOAA chart and ...

Tristan Jones
For those of you who have enjoyed Tristan Jones' yarns, tall stories and sailing chronicles, today is the 10th anniversary of his death. He was a great man and he gave a lot of inspiration...

My First Day of Sailing...
That's not entirely true. I sailed about 15 years ago on a friends 40' catamaran. Today, for the first time, I sailed my own 14' Hobie cat. I opted for a day with light winds and a sm...

Swift 18
Any Swift 18 owners to share info on this great little boat.

Traditional Boat Rally on the Thames, England.
AN EVENT NOT TO BE MISSED. The 27th Thames Traditional Boat Rally at Henley-on-Thames, England The Rally takes place this year on 16th to 17th of July (Saturday and Sunday) 2005...

small cat vs small mono
Hey all. My wife and I want to get a small sailboat for use on the local lakes around here. We are tentativley looking at the hobie 16, 17 or the Hunter 170. My major concern is performan...

small cat vs small mono
Hey all. My wife and i are considering getting something to sail in one of the local lakes around here. We have been looking at the Hobie 16,17 and the Hunter 170 as alternatives. My majo...

What to do in case of a mutiny ???
What can I do in case of a mutiny ? I don't want to spend the rest of my life on some remote island or be eaten by cannibals on said island ...

My Latest Sailing Story
Well, my first sailing story... Bought the wrong (used) sail. Very nice condition but too long at the luff. Here we go again... AL

Loran C
I have a Loran C in my garage, sitting doing absolutely nothing, I remember paying $100 bucks for it a few years back, but never mounted it on my boat. Anyone need this thing? is it better...

Outboard trolling motor bracket for sunfish
Help! I want to use my Sunfish as a dingy at my dock. I have affixe the trolling motor to the back metal plate using bungee cords in th past. It worked but it is not very relaxing in ...

Rudder plans or... assistance
I put in on an inland lake in the Midwest US. This year so far they are maintaining a significantly lower water level, and the spot I have for a pier has me in about 14 to 18 inches of wate...

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