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Dumb Replies
I'm sorry for my replies. I hit the wrong button and I thought I was repling to ASA "Flonkers" Sorry Thom

Dubrovnik (Croatia) ==> Corfu (Greece)
Hi !!! Does anybody close information about the route above and sailing via albania. I heard about piracy, .... Interessed in any informations. Thanks ...

Raymarine Rayteck Navagator
Anybody use this software? Just how good is it?

I'm looking for an electric wrinch?
Hi, for my father in law (so this is a very important assignement) I'm looking for an electric wrinch that raises and lowers the sail. I'm not looking for a fully automatic syst...

Cercasi equipaggio per Crociera in Croazia
Ciao a tutti, abbiamo noleggiato un catamarano da 40 piedi dal 20 Agosto al 3 settembre. A oggi siamo 5 persone e vorremmo arrivare a 7-8. Chi fosse interessato a maggiori...

Sailing instruction
I am looking for a curriculum or instructor's guide, for teaching sailing and general boating skills to 9-year-olds. We have invited a few of my daughter's friends to join us for a "c...

WTB Volvo Penta MD2B MS Transmission
Looking for a Volvo Penta MD2B MS Transmission complete with cables and shifter but would consider transmission alone. Any good leads would be appreciated. Please respond via e-mail or phone...

Hobie Cat
Is there some place better to find Hobie sailors than this NG? AL

Identify Ship On TV Show?
I was wondering if any of y'all could identify the style and era of a wooden sailing ship shown on the TV show "Lost"?;

Julbo sunglasses

Anyone familiar with Lippincott 30s?
I'm interested in buying a boat for Chesapeake Bay or central east Florida coast sailing, and Lippincotts have caught my eye, mostly because the cabin seems roomy with lots of wood. Is anyo...

FA: 36.5' x 19' LP 17'7" sail w/German brass hardware
I know very little about this sail or about sailing in general, but appears to be very well made. There's a cable that runs through the sail along the longest side, and there are several ver...

Bermudan SchoonerBuild
Hi, Polish private shipowner looking for financial partners / shareholders interested in cooperating (or buying) and future operation to complete building and fitting of big ...

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Crewing needed
Novice sailor looking for experienced person to assist in sailing a 27 foot Ericson from northern NJ (near NYC) to Mystic, CT. Please call 860-887-2679. Needed by May 20'th.

Genoa Jib sheets
Needing to add jib sheets to a 33 foot on deck 11'6 beam ketch. Is there a rule of thumb or formula as to what length they should be. Will ...

Where to cruisers stop in Roatan?
I have a friend in Roatan who is currently working as a bartender and looking for a ride out on a sailboat (as crew). Where do cruisers stop on this island (where people would be look...

Electronic charts europe
Hello does anyone know wkhere I can download european charts for free? I read lately in yachting world that you could download them for free on the internet. Thanks a lot. ...

Airforce Sails.
Am contemplating buying a cruising spinnaker.. Anybody have experience with Airforce Sails ? jeff

increasing your confidence?
How Natural Penis Enhancement Pills Work Years ago, men in our culture pretty much accepted whatever they were d...

Hobie 14T Sidebar replacement
I have an old Hobie 14T (approx 20yr) I am in Australia. My sidebar is cracked almost right through at the chainplate and needs replacement. II have priced a new one and it costs half o...

Masthead Antenna & Windex conflict
I have a Windex on my Paceship 23 and am looking at installing a VHF antenna (masthead). What options do I have for a successful installation. My criteria are that the VHF is as effective ...

Bayfield 29, 1987 edition
Does anybody know if Bayfield built a 29 foot special edition sailing boat in 1987

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