Shameless Ebay Plug - Standard Horizon Plotter
Sorry about this it's just a shameless plug for a Standard Horizon CP1000C Colour GPS Chart Plotter on ebay. Anyone interested can view it at

Boat Sitting QUESTION
Is there ever any need on the part of boat owners to have someone boatsit their craft???

Watkins 33'
Does anyone have an opinion on Watkins. As in where does this manufactorer rate with Hinckley a 10 and Hunter a 1. Appreciate any salent input.
2 months to go! The '05 of the Rotary Cup will stand May 20th-22th. 30 teams are ready for the race. You may be one of them. Visit us at

WindSurf on
Hello all, I want to signal to you the section of my site dedicated to the windsurf, you can found the description of...

Advice on Sails
Greetings. I inherited some property on which were four very, very large sails made by Sobstad. I know nothing about sailing and can usually identify a sailboat 2 out of 5 times. What I...

Europe class dinghy hulls
Hey all, I have an old scottish moth that I now notice has been updated to a europe class dinghy. I am looking to buy one of these boats (2nd hand) and have noticed that there ar...

Loos guage- Dynaform vs regular standind rigging?????
Does the fact that dynaform is stiffer affect loos guage numbers? Best Wishes, Steve Ross

=?iso-8859-1?q?Find_a_Crew=99_-_over_a_1000_members_in_fewer_than_3_months,_find_out_why!?= is a worldwide crew and boat database with a 45 day guaranty that every member listed has logged in during the last 45 days. How good is that? No obsolete, long forgotten c...

Albin O-22 Aux. Engine Owner's Group Forming
I have created a Yahoo Group for previous and current owners of boats equipped with the Albin O-22 gasoline (petrol) auxiliary engine. If you fall into this category please consider joining...

Offshore yacht registration
I just bought a used sailboat, 35 LOA. Being a Canadian permanent resident and citizen of EU as well, I am considering to register the yacht somewhere else - e.g. Cayman Islands to reduce ta...

cruising spinnaker rigging
Would like to add a cruising spinnaker to my C30, MkIII with a non-standard rig. It has the standard mast but with a tall rig bowsprit, the luff (43') and foot (13') are longer than standa...

rigging tune question
While sailing my sisters Monark 14' sailing dingy, with dagger boards, we noticed that it will point higher on port tack, about 45 deg, than strbd tack, about 60/65 deg. What should w...

Delphy marine battery
Hello I have bought a delphy battery and after 2years the indicator on the top is red even if I charge it . I wonder if there is enough electrolit (the acid) inside the battery? Does s...

Stolen Hobi cat
Please be on the lookout for a stolen 1978 Hobi 16 and trailer. It was stolen from its owners yard in Taft, California, sometime around the first of March, 2005 # 0019GG, H...

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Magazine de voile gratuit sur internet
Vous pouvez retrouver gratuitement toute l'actualité de la voile sur Voiles News Magazine : L'actualité : nouveaux bateaux, accastillage, vêtement, location, presse, école, Fédé...

greyhound 33
Hello, Can anyone give me information about a greyhound 33 sailboat Greetings Niels -- --------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Easter 2005 - The Holy Shroud
Back from Africa, where I was a secular missionary in the Kayon Ghozi's leprosary (Burundi) because of health reasons, I wrote these lucky Flashes of mine, which got a resounding success ,o...

Engine Fuel Replacement
Hi Kids!... Just wondering - I now have a new (well, new to me, anyway<g>) Jeanneau sailobat with an inboad Yanmar 3GM enigne in it - and I was wondering: "What in blazes ...

Recent Items from - A Sailing Community
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An Easier Way To Make Money
Ah An Easier Way To Make Money Post by G Rob on Feb 23rd, 2005, 10:30pm FIRST OF ALL, THIS IS NOT SPAM! THIS REALLY CAN MAKE YOU EASY MONEY!! IT WORKS!!! BUT YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW IT...

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