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There is more air than water! Try Soaring
There is more air than water! Learn about gliding at the Soaring Society of America National Convention, Ontario, CA A desire to use nature's forces in amazing ways is shared by both...

watermaker questions
hi all. looking for some info on watermakers. have seen electric and engine driven, was looking for pros/cons and experienced advice on both. looking to break away from the grid for a coup...

After a 15 year absence, we have decided to get back on the water. Many, many boat shows ago we got on a Moody 34 and this boat actually turned out to be one of our favorites that we never...

ANNOUNCE: Free Classified Ads w/ Pictures
Sail 24/7 announces the opening of free classified ads section! Now you can clean out your dock box! You may upload up to three pictures in your ad. Be the first on your block to place a...

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High Speed Run In Offering Free Crew and Boat Listings Learn about Gipsy Moth and Chiche...

Any Catalina 14.2 Keel or 16.5 keel experiences?
I am thinking about buying a used Catalina 14.2 keel or 16.5 keel for use in Lake Tahoe in California. I am very experienced in larger keel boats, but haven't sailed much in dinghies since ...

The Lord Jesus Christ.
Hello, My name is Keith Williams. God, and the Lord Jesus, and Their angels appeared to me and showed me many things. They did likewise to the first century AD believers. ...

Divorced Sailors
In order to buy a bigger boat, you have to maintain sufficient cash in any divorce proceeding. Take a look at to help you on your way to financial security afte...

Can I create sails with human skin ? ? ?
I have killed so many humans and removed their hides, that I need to use them for something.So I can I create sails with human skin ?

Recent Items from - A Sailing Community
High Speed Run In Offering Free Crew and Boat Listings Learn about Gipsy Moth and Chiche...

Carribean Sailing
High Seas Wrote: > High Seas wrote:- > d parker wrote: > - > Head to the area you are thinking of sailing in and charter a few > times first. Also make su...

From: "Mega news" <> Subject: Mooring and Live aboard close to Monterey CA. Date: Thursday, January 20, 2005 11:32 PM Looking for slip space with...

digital marine chart OSLOfjord
I am looking for a digital marine chart of the Oslofjord.

looking for a HB31 / British Hunter NG, if you know sombody who is looking for an HB31 (British Hunter) please forward this URL to him/her. Very rarely an HB31 is ...

Parents suppose to honor each other in the ears of the children.
Mothers and fathers who put down, despise, or belittle one another in the hearing of the children are not in agreement with God's New Testament way to live. If we please God, He will b...

When love was love only.
Remember the good old days when love was only love, and we didn't do sex until married? Those were the good old days when we obeyed God; so He made our corn tall, wildflowers plenteous...

Sailing in Europe?
You want to rent a boat to sail in Holland? Germany? Greece? Belgium? For more information see our website: ...

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Learn about Gipsy Moth and Chichester< Monk/Tradewinds 47' ketch Andiamo to be resurrected htt...

ANNOUNCE: Rules of the Road
Download a copy of the Rules of the Road, inland and international waters (COLREGS). You then will have a copy on your computer, and you can print it so you also have a hard copy for ...

How to make sails ?
I am toying with the idea of sewing my own sails for my 27 ft. Granada. Are there anyone who could suggest literature, web sites and other sources of high quality information that coul...

30' Fortune cutter
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0025_01C4F9BD.6DFF4E80 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

Deluge of right whale deaths and births
Just thought I would keep you posted, there have been a lot of deaths in the right whale population lately... Subject: Deluge of right whale deaths and births

Marine Discussion Area
The NE UK branch of teh institute has set up a discussion area as aprt of their new website. The forum can be found at The ...

Reply - Carribbean sailing
Rent the movie "Capt. Ron."

ANN: Internet Service Will Help Mariners Keep Their Licenses
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Internet Service Will Help Mariners Keep Their Licenses January 12, 2005 (Honolulu, Hawaii) - If you are a professional mariner, keeping your license...

FYI boaters need you coments!
Hey all , Gam is looking to post comments in March issue, looks to be an exciting issue of Gam, so here is the thing, you've prob been to our site and know ...

Yachtsman's Watch - Pausing the time?
Hi, Are there any watches where you can freeze the time (the actual time, not the time on a stopwatch) until you've had a chance to to log it and calculate your position - and t...

sea criuse polish tallship
Hello, I thought that I might make one more try to invite you to "sail about a little and see the watery part of the world". You are very welcome to join my crew ( no prior sailing expe...

Carribean Sailing
Didereaux Wrote: > Naiveandready wrote in > > - > > Can anyone of...

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