Day Sailer One Mainsheet rigging, Halyards and Vang rigging
Greetings! I recently purchased a Spindrift Designs Day Sailer One which seems to have everything there except both sail halyards. Through my research so far it seems ODay first ...

Head discharge by foreign vessels in ICW?
What is the current state of enforcement in the ICW of foreign vessels making passage? I have an older sailboat and don;t want to go through the expense of fitting a holding tank for a trans...

Sailor in Tsunami Area
Does anybody know of a site with information on sailors in the areas affected by tsunami?

anyone know of a server or site to download charts and updates for this program email me thanks Dale,alt.sailing,misc.invest.futures,alt.creative-cooking,alt.mac
matt parker alias matt parker alias best day matt parker alias never submit...

Dingy sails
Anybody know a sailmaker with good prices on pre made sails for some of the popular kit dingys and prams? --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti...

To Become An Instructor
I'm looking for a mentor and/or feedback from other sailing instructors on what it takes to reach this goal.

Garmin 276C
Has anybody some practical info about the Garmin 276C? -- Mvg Michel

looking for a "perfect" boat - Etap and some questions
hi life forms! :-) I are searching a "perfect" boat for me... I want to live in and travel around the world... who no ? :-) Etap 30i is the only choice at this moment....

Atoms Wind Vane
Hi I recently lost the rod that links the top of my Atoms Windvane to the bottom. Does anyone know of anywhere I might be able to get spares? Many thanks

Modern Dinghy Construction??????
Hello, Any good books on modern high performance carbon fibre, kevlar, glass, construction techniques. I would like to make a mold and build a Flying Dutchman hull and deck. Light weig...

RE: Novice advice
For what it is worth, I have this to say to those who wrote the disparaging words about the Buccaneer. I own a Cape Dory 25, and am quite convinced that for its class it is one of the fin...

12v separator-charger question
I was wondering if i change one of the batteries with a bigger AH one would i have to change any settings in the separator or is it by itslf regulating what load goes where? Ple...

Water tank advise needed
I have a 40 liter water tank and as it came with swedish manual i have no clue what to do to maintain it in drinkable condition. I got some liquids that came with the boat ,one that says so...

Novice advice
A little advice for a novice; I am considering purchasing a 1978 Bayliner Buccaneer Sloop, has anyone any advice on what I should be looking for, pit falls etc. I am looking at transpor...

Salon interior
Hi group, We have a 1995 Catalina MKII 36 and need to recover the cushions in the main cabin. We have the pedestal type of dining table. Anyone know how many yards we might need of fa...

Was posted in Rec.cruising.
>If you where headed there (Bahamas) for a year and did not plan to buy one meal > at a resturant or bar, 26ft sailboat, shallow draft, what kind of money > would you need...

women and children first ?
hi. I would like to know what the maritime law says about the occupation of lifeboats in a wrecked ship, in case there is no place for all. is the saying "women and children...

Francis S. Kinney
I need some basic info on Francis S. Kinney. I do know about the three books he has written. but who was he, what did he do, why sailing and so on. Just basics. Thanks ...

Yacht for sale
Apollo 12 by Judel Vrolijk, Collectors item in excellent condition. In Alimos marina, Athens, Greece. Maybe the best Apollo ever build. It is the yacht chosen by the shipya...

Rotary's Cup '05
The Rotary's Cup is glad to welcome you to its May 2005 sailing challenge in the La Baule bay (France). Further information regarding this sporting event can be obtained at http:/...

Small Craft Sailing Across the Atlantic
I would like to sail my Nordica 16 across the Atlantic from Canada to Europe. I have a GPS...can you think of anything else I will need (aside from the obvious food and clothing).

Would like to buy: VDO wind sensor
Anyone who has got VDO windsystem in his boat and still have that sensor left without use, I would liketo buy it. Our sensor is broken and we need a new one. I can also buy whole system wi...

Home boat building
I am an aspiring sailboat owner and I was wondering about wether it would be possible to build one in my own home and: What equipment would I need? How much Time/Money would I need?

charter croatia?
Who knows some good web sites for sailing in Croatia next summer? I found few... but I want more :) Regards, Risky

FS: Marine Binoculars w/Compass, Inflatable Harness, Great Sailing Books!
Just over a day left and the prices are VERY LOW! Happy bidding! SOSPENDERS/WEST MARINE Inflatable Harness with Spares

Another boater issue dealing with new tax
What next, like the industry needs this and the actual what there thinking of surcharging http:/...

OT: The NFL rule for pass interference is not fair!
I am in favor of the NFL using a pass interference rule similar to the one in NCAA football(15 yards and an automatic 1st down). The current NFL rule awards the offense an automatic first do...

boaters should comment
Well its almost the Holly Jolly shopping time, This email isn't my typical email saying go to my site. First its to wish all of you Happy and safe holiday's

heat insulation for B31 sailing boat
I am looking to change the insulation of my 31ft sailing yacht. the old material was a foam material ,about 0.2 thick with the one side covered with a plastic material ,with a pattern . ...

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