young sailor from poland
hi my name is Jakub..i'm from poland When i was a child my father took me on the race..on the mediteranean sea. I want to make some contact with sailors who are living in different coun...

Favorite New 23? Used 25?
This is probably going to sound like a very open-ended question, but if you were an inexperienced sailor looking to buy a new 23 foot sailboat with a swing keel to be primarily used in river...

COM: Sextant and Inflatable Harness for Sale
I'm not sailing any more, so I'm selling my marine stuff. All in perfect condition, priced to sell fast. ASTRA IIIB Marine Deluxe Sextant (

Rotary's Cup '05
The Atlantic Rotary Club, Saint-Nazaire, France organizes a sailing challenge around the La Baule Beach May, 20-21-22th 2005. Further information: or <...

Christmas gift ideas
Hi all, I found a great website with loads of equestrian gifts. At present they are offering 10% discount and free shipping in the US. Well it did not take long to crack their coupon co...

LED's for running lights?
Any info on this? The 12v single water clear led's are $1.67 and put out 11000 or 3300 mcd, whatever that is, some measure of how bright they are. The viewing angle is 30 or 60 degrees. The ...

AIR-X Wind Generator
Does anyone have any experience with these units that they'd like to share?

weird facts
More utter uselessness to constipate your day with FUN! There is a large brass statue of Winnie-the-Pooh in Lima, Peru. The...

Cat sailing on Lake Ponchetrain
I'm driving from Atlanta to Dallas to pick up a Hobie 18 later this week. I'm planning to stop in New Orleans on the way home to try out the boat on Lake Ponchetrain for a couple days.

I can teach anyone how to get what they want out of life
"I can teach anyone how to get what they want out of life. The problem is I can't find anybody who can tell me what they want." -- Mark Twain "Today people in America can become whatever they want. Tr...

Bayfield 40 ketch
Does anyone have any experience with this boat? There's one for sale and I'm considering it as a coastal cruiser...

safety paint for a dinghy hull in case of turtling
I am involved in a Learn to Sail program using dingys. Unfortunately the dingys have a tendency to turtle when capsized. We are thinking of painting some kind of stripe on the hull so the ...

Hatch Screens
If you are looking for a well made hatch screen or grill cover at a low price. Visit

did someone say animal facts? Mosquitoes have teeth a goldfish has a memory span of about 3 seconds. A star fish has no heart Dolphins sleep w...

Can I install sails to my submarine ???
I want to sail underwater !

Keep on renting or buy?
I just started sailing this summer but I'm having a hard time getting a crew together to rent a boat (places around here require a crew of 2 or more). I'm also having problems with the hig...

1984 Catalina 36 For Sale - Texas
Loaded, well cared for 1984 Catalina 36 for sale on Galveston Bay (Texas)... Russ

FS: Valloon Cruising Ketch
Hallo to all. I would like to let you know, that I am selling my boat. Your can see all the info about it at Greets. Leon Dečko.

cat rigs
thanks for all the input fellas. too bad they dont cruise well. im in the west, and once you get north of point conception, the seas and weather can get nasty even in the good times. they ar...

Ray Triplett and the Morning star
Remember a few years back when Ray sailed the Morning Star around the world? I found a copy of his book, autographed by him, in great shape. If anyone is interested in purchasing it, it is ...

Stand on keel? with a fin and skeg boat?
Hi again. One of the adverts i ve seen for the boat i am interested to buy says it is a B31 Stand on keel ,Bostrum yacht. Can anyone explain if thi means that you can dry out on the kee...

B31 Starboat Bostrum 31 Swedich made.Buying advise needed
Sorry to keep asking but i really need to know as much as possible and all i can find on the net is in Swedich language which is not my forte..... So anyone with experience on these boats pl...

Garmin GPS II
Is his any good?anyoneknows how much they go for? Garmin says it is discontinued .does that mean i will not find accesories,and updates?what else do i need to look for? Any info o...

Raymarine ST 1000+ Autohelm: Opinions
Looking for opinions from users of same and if it would be suitable for use on a Tanzer 26. General area of sailing would be Lake Ontario. Thanks in advance. Eric

Bostrum 31 this is one i want to get a closer look at. is it reasonably priced or is it too expensive at £14900?(I think it is way up ,but ...)

Moody 38 for sale
More information:

Hardstand nth QLD
Can anyone recommend a boat storage facility in north queensland. Long term hard stand would be ideal. Thanks.

For Sale
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Charter in BVI: Proceeds donated to sick Golden Retriever
Hi, We were donated a crewed charter on a Moorings 4500 as part of a fundraiser for our pet that had to undergo Kidney Transplant Surgery. Her details and the charter details can...

cat rigs pros?? cons??
hi all. been looking at a few boats and ran across a 30 foot hinterhoeller nonsuch. have to say, its a strange looking old gal, but very roomy inside and appears to be pretty well built. fai...

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