22' Macgregor /Venture 222 for Sale - ready to go.
I recently became the proud owner of a year 2000 26X. The unfortunate part is I had just finished preparing my Mac/Venture 22 and only got to sail it twice this season. ...

Catalina ham radio nets
Does anyone know of any ham radio nets for catalina boat owners? Thanks Jim KA1EUI

Buying Advice-21' San Juan
My wife and I are looking for our first boat to learn to sail. We've mostly looked at MacGregors and Catalinas, but someone's selling a 21' San Juan for $1,300. The price sounds great an...

Hi I have purchased a spacesailer 20'. It was built in Western Australia in the 70s. Does anyone have any information or contact details to get original plans specs etc. Thank...

A few months ago, the President implemented even stricter rules governing visits to Cuba. I am a Canadian with a Canadian registered boat planning to visit Cuba next winter, but the new rule...

Vendee Globe virtual following in real time and real winds
The next regatta at VirtualTransat will be ------------------- SAIL THE PLANET RWC ------------------- Nov 7th 2004, 12h00GMT This regat...

If you're visiting St. Croix this holiday season . . .
If you're visiting St. Croix, USVI this holiday season and are looking for unique gifts, please visit this sight and attend the art shows provided in the links. www.islandfireglas...

How to build solar sails ? ? ?
I want to fly to Europa next week and I need solar sails for the voyage. How can I build them?

membrane replacement for PUR water makers?
The little ones, Survivor 35 etc. I don't have bux for a new one so I thought I'd try ebilk and then replace the membrane but I can't find out how to do that. Mr. Google boggles me lately. A...

FS: End of season sale on boats in Ontario
FS: End of season sale on boats in Ontario yes its that time of year when all boats Must be sold!! marked down to clear!! at www.yachtware.net

Recent Items from Waterwire.com - A Sailing Community
Recent Items from Waterwire.com - A Sailing Community http://www.waterwire.com Team New Zealand Fares Well in NZL-81 http://www.waterwire.com/node/view/12 Sat, 9 Oct 2004 12...

Is this sextant any good?
http://www.hengtech.de/e_sextant.htm The GLH130-40 model at the top. Does anybody have any experience of this sextant or a similar one? Any positive or negative experiences...

FYI : local boater takes on fed's
Things are heating up in Ontario! Local boater/boat reseller Randy Desnoyers is challenging the Federal Marina in Hamilton, Ontario over his right to enter public land . <...

Portable Reverse Osmosis
The actual membrane part of the RO unit under our kitchen sink is rather small. If one were doing a long hike along a very remote beach (10+ days), a small hand pumped RO thing could make m...

B&G and NX2
Does anyone have any comments on the following systems: B&G Hydra B&G H1000 Nexus NX2 I am replacing my KVH Quadro with one of the above systems. The Hydra costs ...

CLICK HERE to Win $500.00 in FREE Groceries !!!
CLICK HERE to Win $500.00 in FREE Groceries !!! http://www.amerinethealth.com/P2.php Winners choosen weekly. No purchase necessary.

preferred (best) construction for blue water cruising
interested in the collective thoughts of the group re latest thoughts on --- for the blue water cruiser * preferred types of hull and deck construction * preferr...

VirtualTransat : race the next regatta and win a World Tour
Fellow Skipper, If you are classified in the first 20% of the next VirtualTransat regatta you will be awarded a Virtual Sailing World Tour. So register to : CASABLANCA ...

Forum for Fontaine Pajot Maldives multihull yachts
I have recently started up a forum for Fontaine Pajot Maldives multihull yachts. Although itís mainly Maldives specific it also covers Multihulls in general. So please ...

Help, Advice
My 22 foot small cruiser is nosed in next to the pier in relatively shallow water. This weekend after bringing up the swing keel, I was adjusting the crank handle and the keel cable snapped...


FS: Bottom Paint
STEWART MARINE, California We are a small company, boat enthusiasts, there's nothing better than being on the water! (And we have not been there lately.) A company ...

New Website for Armchair Cruisers--Take II
Sorry--the last posting had an incorrect URL. Here's a repeat of the posting with the right address: Hello, mates! I have a new cruising website, "The Ragbagger," which is now up...

ALGE strip??
I am going to have to do a bottom paint this year has anyone tryed this stuff call ed Alge strip is it worth the bucks?

New Website for Armchair Cruisers
Hello, mates! I have a new cruising website, "The Ragbagger," which is now up and running at http://ragbagger.com/theragbagger/html/intro.html. I'd appreciate any feedback on how to m...

visit the new cabot 37 ' sailboat www.yachtsmiths.com

se the new cabot 37' sailboat www.yachtsmiths.com

Cabot sailboat revision. We at Yacht Smiths International are reproducing the famous 37' cabot sailboat. With some modern equipment and upgraded interior the new version will be something to...

Sailboat for Sale
For only $5,500.00 Own your own Sailboat! For sale: 1980 20ft. Goman Sailboat, with three sails and a professionally made main sail cover. Boat sleeps four. Boat is on a 1999 boat trailer, <...

Used and Salvaged parts
Do they exist? I have been trying to locate a used parts supplier and have been unable to find anything other than the few items listed on eBay. Any suggestions? Is there any boat salvage...

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