Navico VHF
I am looking for a diagram from the navico Axis RT1200 VHF. Have to repair, and can't find a diagram Thanks ON4VM

Please help me in scientific research
I would be very grateful if you could fill short questionnaire. It takes only about 1 minute. Your answers would be very important and helpful for me. The questionnaire you can fi...

1984 Evinrude 4 HP Service or Owners Manual
I have the captioned motor on my CL16. It runs great however whenever I put it in the water or start it I notice that a small amount of oil or gas has obviously gotten into the surrounding w...

Anybody doing the virtual transat?
Seems to be mostly French, Spanish, Italian speaking folks in there. I have to say that its alot of fun so far. I have two boats in, so does my son. I forgot about the start date ...

New website

Lifters Planing System
Wondering if anyone has experience with Lifter's Planing System from Maximarine. I am looking to boost the performance of my Achilles 9' inflatable (inflatable floor). ...

laser deck repair advice needed
I have a laser 1 that has broken on the deck around the mast entry point. The cracks go right through the deck and there are 4 of them radiating in all directions, the worst being about 7 in...

Need advice Hudson River 79th St boat basin
I have a 34' sailboat with a 27 hp inboard diesel. I would like to do an overnight trip from NJ, up the Hudson, to the 79th street boat basin. I've never been up there. Any help on current, ...

cabot 36
Is anyone intersted in purchasing a new cabot 36'. We at Yacht Smiths are reproducing these yachts once again, some interior changes and hardware changes. Prices are starting at $225,000.00....

need some help
hi all. just got a gulfcoast 23 to learn to sail on. boat is in pretty good shape, but got absolutely no documentation. anyone have or know where i can get a manual for this boat?? need to f...

For the Yanmar YS 8 Hp series owner's
Hi to everybody, I would like to ear from the Yanmar '70s 8 Hp users,what propeller size are you currently using togheter with the sailboat sizes approx speed and RPM. Many thanks ...

Question for the group:
A question was brought up tonight about when a hurricane hits a coast line, you see on the news many sailboats, etc. damaged. Why weren't the crafts sailed or transported by land to somewh...


This is only a test to see if Ivan has knocked out some of the cable?>

Ivan: What's in a name
Ivan: such a powerful name; of COURSE it is going do such terrible damage. Maybe we should be naming these storms Buffy, or Bambi, or some other cutesy pet name, and deny them the dignity......

need help with Yanmar YSB12 diesel
Ahoy, I just bought a small boat with a Yanmar YSB12 diesel in it. It was owned by hooligans and it seems part of the motor is missing. There is maybe some kind of hose missing in the front ...

Re: Anybody has B&G Race Vision for download...?
Hi There, John here from Provident Technology Our Website has a link to download Racevision software - Deckman for Windows. The Racevis...

Valkyrie 3 run for the cup
The America's cup race over a hundred years ago ended in accusations and disputes.Lord Dunraven accused the Am Defender of having carried illegal ballast which would have extended her water ...

VirtualTransat : Free Regatta : All welcome
The next VirtualTransat regatta will be : Fort de France - Les GlÚnans starting on Thursday 16th September 2004, at 12h GMT This is a free regatta and you only need an...

Does anyone know of any good yachtmaster training programs out there for someone with some sailing knowledge, but not enough to feel comfortable skippering yet? Any info on UKSA versus Flyi...

Rogers 28 sailboat
Anyone familiar with this sailboat? Sites I can find out more about it? Thank you

Rogers 28 sailboat
Anyone familiar with this sailboat? Sites I can find out more about it? Thank you

Rogers 28 sailboat
Anyone familiar with this sailboat? Sites I can find out more about it? Thank you

Re: Anybody has B&G Race Vision for download...?
Hi there, Here is a link to download Software for B&G Racevision software (Deckman for Windows):

Any of you all overseas want to trade Courtesy Flags-I would n't mind sending FL state flag or some thing neat that you can't get overseas.for a NZ or OZ or some thing Mark Lan

Dutch Harbour Festival
Hi I shot some photo's and video of a harbour festival here this weekend I also saw 4 live punk bands,photo's and video are now available from my web site.

Canvas Work for Seamen 1947 FA
By William A McLeod Glasgow With dustwrapper in vgc. 77 Illustrations. Superb and rare little manual covering everything to do with canvas wrok on board ship.Some chapters:- Grades and Uses ...

WTB Bulkhead mount compass
Need bulkhead mount compass with built in comp. suitable for 23' sailboat. Reply to Thanks.

Have boat looking for sailing buddy - Pacific Northwest
My longtime sailing buddy finally finished his 20 year boat building project and sailed off into the sunset. I'm looking for someone (one or two persons) interested in crewing on a 24' Del ...

Error correction - Sailing to Toronto
Sorry about that spelling! : - (

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