2004 NorCal Rendezvous Sept 17-19
The 2004 North California Westsail Rendezvous is scheduled for September 17-19 at the San Leandro Marina on San Francisco Bay. Please http://www.westsail.org and check out the Rendezvous pa...

2004 PNW Westsail Rendezvous Sept 3-6
The annual Westsail Pacific Northwest Rendezvous is scheduled for this weekend, September 3-6, in Oak Harbor, WA (Whidbey Island). Please visit the Rendezvous page on the Westsail Owners As...

Looking for mast and engine
I am looking for a mast 44' for an Islander Freeport 36 and a 48 hp Perkins 4.108 Please advise on a place to find these items. Thanks in advance smurad1@comcast.net

Chrysler Lonestar 13
Recently purchased a 1978 and need information regarding the seals for the swing keels. Not much available online. Any information or link to same would be appreciated. Mahalo, ...

Dave's Sailing Journals - Lady of Lynn
Thought some of you may be interested to know about my sailing journals site... I have finally begun in earnest collecting all the stuff I wrote and photos I took on an amazing (a...

Venture of Newport 23 For Sale at reasonable price
Hello Boat is $1,750.00 See http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2488449487 for more details. Thanks Bob D

Avoiding Dehydration by staying wet at sea?
I just finished ready Jack London's "South Sea Island Tales". In it he descibes Islanders preventing dehydration by sitting in sea water. A hurrican had just destroyed the islands dri...

FS: 1981 Tanzer 22 - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Very clean and reputable 1981 Tanzer 22 in excellent condition. Includes well built tandem axle trailer, 9.8 Mercury electric start o/b motor, dual battery system, three sails, sail bags and...

sailing magazine?
All the tips and tricks about keeping and maintaining your sailboat and accessories, buying used sailboats, sailboats reviews, and ofcaurse sailing the beautiful Pacific North West. What mag...

Sailing Forums?
I am looking for some decent Sailing forums. I have had "the bug" for a sailboat for as long as I can remember and now, living within an hour and half of Lake Lanier in Georgia (big

Moving a large boat
Has anyone heard of or had any experience with Landlock Marine Transport? I am considering moving a trimaran (36'x26') with them and would like some references. Thanks, Clin...

website with 2005 tidal information??
Hello. I'm looking for very specific info for summer 2005 for a point just outside of Brunswick, Maine (right near Cook's Corner to be exact) and have not had much luck finding a website th...

Hello, I'm looking for 49er construction drawings. I can't find it in the net over the google. If anyone knows where might it be, please help. Greetings from Poland, Wojciech...

Looking for Large Regatta markers
Anyone know where I can purchase some Sailing Regatta Race markers. Preferably in canada TKS Frank

NAVICO RT6500 schematics needed to repair my VHF
Hello Sailing World, I am looking for a copy of the NAVICO RT6500 schematics. Does anyone have Block diagrams, P.C.B Circuit diagrams related to the RT6500? My VHF is broken ...

1972 Munich Olympic Games YACHTING poster
Special sale for the 2004 Olympic Games.... Original 1972 Munich Olympic poster for YACHTING. This is the official poster for the sport of YACHTING (sailing / Segeln) at the 1972 ...

Re: New Zealand (November)
Thanks DP, Can you tell me more about Auckland? Did you spend much time there? -D

New Zealand (November)
I have the lucky opportunity to be traveling to New Zealand in the month of November. Was wondering if any of you salts have had the pleasure of travel (sailing) down there? If so, would ver...

Hugo Vihlen to speak in San Jose
Hello all: I'm in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and we have a speaker coming to the area (San Jose, CA) that I thought some of you might be interested in. He's Hugo Vihlen. Hugo set a...

Island Plastics - anyone sailed an IP23? (possibly IY23)
Island Plastics of the Isle of Wight made a somewhat pug nosed 23 foot canoe stern hull fitted for motor sailors and sailboats in the late 70's. Has anyone been on the sailboat version? Was ...

Antigua Week 2005
Hi All A group of friends and I based in the UK are looking to charter a boat for racing Antigua Week 2005 (performance cruiser class). Does anyone have any experience of yacht c...

Klepper Fam
I am looking for all info about the Klepper Fam sailingboat. please send any info toħ b.eijkenduijn@chello.nl thanks!

Mooring on Chesapeake
I have a 24-foot unpowered sailboat I would like to keep in the Chesapeake (northern half, if possible). I have looked at few marinas, but they are all slips with narrow channels. Does any...

Cheapest place to buy/outfit a cruising boat?
Hi, ... out of curiosity: What is the cheapest place in the world to buy a second hand cruising boat? Are there significant price differences between places within North America, ...

Selling my Columbia 7.6
Hello Everyone I must sell my boat unfortunately. We have a major health crisis with one of my sons and we won't be able to use the boat for at least the next three years or so. ...

VDO wind sensor
If anyone on this group has old or maybe new wind sensors for vdo's wind indicator system for sale, I would gladly buy one. I am also interested in old VDO instruments (mainly wind instrumen...

Sailing to Sag Harbor (NY- Long Island)
Hi all, Does anyone have any sailing advice for a sailing- stopover I am planning to Sag Harbor (NY- Long Island). We have a 30 Ft. Catalina and I would love to know where the mo...

Catalina 22.....is this a good idea?
Hi all, I took a few sailing lessons in Miami and really enjoyed it. I have a friend that has a Catalina 22 for sail and wants $4500 USD for it. It comes with a trailer and 3 sa...

Sailing against the wind depends on airfoil shape?
Hi, I'm trying to understand how a boat can sail against the wind. Explanations on the internet usually go like this: "The sail has an airfoil shape, the air goes faster on one si...

Has any one used Sail Care to have them refirbish there sails?

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