I am looking at buying a hand held,Can any one give me any feed back,on the best model.

Greyscale vs. color lcd in a radar/gps
I'm trying to narrow down my choices. I told that greyscale works just fine and that color lcd ,while nice, isn't nessasary. Any comments from people who have used both? Would they think the...

GLC Farewell Issue
It is my sad duty to inform you all that Great Lakes Cruiser will soon be closing up shop, for good. With ad revenues at all time lows and insufficient CD sales to keep ourselves afloat...

sizing Anchors
I have a 22' chrysler swing keel estimated weight is 3000 lb. Any recomendations on how to size and set up an anchor. Primarly looking at boston harbour and fairly shallow water thanks ...

Yanmar Saildrives and other options
I need to replace or rebuild 2 Yanmar 3GM30FC saildrives in a 43 foot sailing catamaran. The old ones are 27 hp with the SD20 saildrive and have about 3000 hours on them and were submerged ...

Windlass Electrical Connection
I am considering adding a electric windlass to my boat and I would like some opinions on the best way to connect to the electrical system. The windlass will be approximately 40 feet fr...

sailing Seattle to the San Juan Islands...any experinces?
I am sailing from Seattle to the San Juan Islands in a couple of days... I am wondering if any of you can give me some things to watch for or avoid(experiences ect.) on this trip(planning ...

How Does A Jib Work?
I am a newbie on a Laser Pico. Can someone explain to me what the jib sail does and how it works?

US1 by Advance Sailing Corp
I'm looking for information on the US 1 sailboat built by Advance Sailing of Kansas City MO in about 1988. Any info or diagrams on rigging etc. would be appreciated. Thanks! ...

WTD: Fixed-keel Catalina 22 trailer (TX/OK area)
Just bought a cheap fixed-keel Catalina 22, and I need a trailer. Any leads appreciated. THANKS!

Chartering in Greece
Has anyone chartered in Greece? If so would you share you experience, recommendations? Thanks David

Need cruising funds?
Dear friend, Need cruising funds? Well, this is how I financed my cruising dreams. This is my second time on this program and I would like to thank the many people out there who, like m...

Inner stay|hanked sail-pt.3
Ok so hanked on sail is just a fugure of speech for a jib shackeled to the deck and cliped on the foestay vs Roller type.The inner stay has got me wondering.I have only seen two fore stays o...

More Newbie Questions
I'm new to sailing and am looking around at local boats for sale. One shop has a mid-70's McGregor 22' for $2,500. The bottom of the boat looks to be in dire need of repainting, but othe...

Things you just can't do without!
I owned a J-24 for 18 years. Naturally, except for when I stripped it for racing, all the "homey touch" stuff was on board when I wanted it (cup holder, hammock, etc.). I've been away...

I was talking with a sailor asking her about her boat and because it was a female.I of course didn't want to seem like a dum sh- She has got a 34ft. or so Columbia Sloop is she just talking ...

inner stay hanked sails
Can any one give me some imput?How about you DP?

Can any one or more of you experianced sailors give me any advise on buying a boat? I am very new to this, I am looking at a Catalina 22 1975 and a Sportsman 500 1970. I like the Sportsman ...

Sailing boston harbor islands
Just bought a 22' crysler and want to sail in and arround the boston harbour islands with my kids for a week in august. Where is a good place to launch the boat and store the truck/trailer f...

barnacles on propp
Would it be likely for a heavy growth of barnacles on a prop to prevent an engine from getting up to speed? I have a 21 HP Westerbeke which won't go above 1500 RPM in gear but has n...

keel bolts nuts
I am wanting to cut off old badly rusted keel bolt nuts- the spec's say that the bolts were cast iron and the nuts galve do you think stainless steel nuts would react with cast iron bol...

Private mooring etiquette?
In the San Juans, when the guide books say "private mooring", does that mean you can hang on one unless asked to vacate or is it a "keep off"? In the Catalinas, a few years back, it was oft...

catamaran daggerboards
I wonder where in a sailing catamaran would you place the daggerboards, as a longitudinal position relative to mast, to have the boat correctly balanced ? Luca

Small craft rental/charter in Grand Haven area?
Looking to find a facility that will rent/charter a "day-sailor" in the Grand Haven, MI area. Anyone know anything or suggest?

Sailing San Diego to Catalina
Do you know anything about the normal summer wind direction between San Diego and Catalina? I've heard it's on the nose the whole way there. I've also heard that one option is to head wes...

Sailing Canoe
Anyone with experience with sailing canoes? We're looking at them for the rivers here in Portland, OR. How high can one point into the wind? Are they stable in mild river chop from powe...

Customs in the San Juans
Anybody have recent experience coming and going thru customs between the San Juans and Victoria? I'm planning just 7 days and my wife really wants to se Butchart Gardens but not if it means...

First 41s5
For sale, beautifull Beneteau First 41s5.

helpfull website with boat for sale and repair tips
We have a few cheap boats in Ontario, Canada also tips and tricks on repairs,

Sailing is obsolete today ! ! !
We have modern engines and nobody needs sailing anymore.It's obsolete.

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