best place to buy yanmar parts?
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Freedom Yachts 31' 1984 for sale
Dear Sir, Direct from the owner we have for sale Freedom Yachts 31' 1984 The Freedom 32' is a modern cat rig. It is exemplary of the innovative designs by Garry Hoyt an...

Finn Racing Dinghy GBR507 For Auction
Yes, a blatant ad for my Finn, but only to a good home!

Keen Newport H2 shoes a good amphibious shoe?
Keen Newport H2 shoes a good amphibious shoe?

LF: Sail for gaff rigged VANDESTADT & McGRUER 11" LOA Dinghy
Inherited a free dinghy :) Didn't inherit a sail :( Would be grateful for any info on the dinghy or rigging or where to get a sail Please reply via post or e-mail (remove t...

Sailboat charter NY or Boston
Hi NG, does anybody know some charter companys with sailboats up 40 feets for a sailing trip in summer 05 between Boston and NY. It would be great to get some links. ...

Sailing NZ?
Anyone know of a place in NZ where an experienced sailor could rent a small keelboat (22-28) for one night?

sailing yacht for sale
Dear Sir, Direct from the owner we have for sale Catalina 22 1985 sailboat yacht op-top with vinyl enclosures, swing keel, All Teak inside and out cleaned and refinished, New beau...

Roller Furling (110% genoa) Chafe-ing
Greetings, My 110% genoa is starting to chafe on my forward shrouds. Does anyone know if these things really work? And if they do, how does it work? Thanks in advance. Har...

FS Aloha 8.2
Lying in Ontario Canada. Comes with tandem trailer, 9hp sailforce engine. Very clean, interlux2000 VC17. Three sails and DRS. Tan velour cushions inside, teak is excellent. You won't fin...

St. Marten charter
Would like posts from anyone who has chartered a sailboat for some island hopping in this area of the Caribbean next spring. Any comments, advice, experiences, suggestions...appreciated. T...

Chesapeake Bay Sailing?
I have had numerous power boats over the years that I ran inshore as well as intercoastal, but I have never sailed. My wife and I were talking about possibly getting into sailing, but don't ...

Photos - HMS Warrior - Portsmouth - UK
Have a look at these great pictures of HMS Warrior in Portsmouth, England. Great place to Visit Comments welcome. ...

starwind 19
looking for folks with starwind 19's. i'm trying to fix one up..... working on through hull leaks right now....

Bubba are you out there?????
Bubba I hear threw the grape vine that you wrote a story about the perfect date?Are you still looking for a chief cook and bottle washer?Seems like you need a Gretchen Wilson type.What ...

First 41s5

Any CL-14 sailors out there?
Hi I would like to connect with other CL-14 sailors. Jim

Formosa 51 / Hudson Force 50 / Vagabond 47
I am contemplating purchasing a Formosa 51 (aka Hudson Force 50) or a Vagabond 47. I will use it for coastal cruising with my family of six for a couple of years and then a year of offshore ...

Redneck Girl
Hey!!! I like your post,Bet you would like to hear about Bubba and all the stuff that he gets him self into!You can read about him and his cement sailboat on

Catalina 18 vs. Precision 18
Question to all: Please let me know your thoughts, opinions and/or first hand experiences (pros/cons) if you own either a Catalina 18 or a Precision 18. I need an upgrade from my Laser to a ...

Water in fuel tank
I have water of condensation in the fuel tank of my sailing ship (I have a Yamaha four-stroke outboard motor, which runs on normal gasoline). The tank is sealed and has no drain, clean...

Redneck Woman
And more sundry items for your reading pleasure...

Sailing around UK
I'm planning to sail around UK next Spring. I'm really in shock over the cost of the charts that are necessary to do this trip - many for one use. Anyone with experience of the trip and...

For sale: Volvo MD11C parts
The parts below are the last from our old Volvo MD11C, which we replaced this spring. We built our boat, and bought this engine for it in the early 1990s. We don't know it's history before...

Bahamas-deck hand
Can any one can use a deck hand for a few weeks in the Bahamas.Mark

Request for sailing charter in Croatia
Looking for Bavaria 36/42 in Croatia for the last week of July. One week for 4/5 people

Proposal for sailing charter in Italy-Tuscany-Elba Island
Proposal for these boat: Bavaria 44 - 2002 (-10% jul. and aug.) Dufour 40 - 2004 (-10% jul. and aug.) For further information visit the site: www.etruscancharter....

Best dinghy & outboard combination
Hello, I want to acquire a lightweight dinghy and outboard for use on the UK south coast (in Dorset). We have a cottage up a small cliff from the beach, so I'd like to be able to...

Good book on small boat racing
I can't seem to find a good book on small sailboat racing. I've checked amazon and WestMarine, and came up empty. I'm interested in a text on the practical aspects and fine points of racin...

Question for the group-transporting sailboat cross country
We are looking for property in Pensacola (hopefully with our own dock). We have an Ericson 35 here in Southern California that we would like to have trucked there since we won't have th...

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