March GLC
The March Issue of Great Lakes Cruiser is now posted and ready to download at ; On the way to the PDF file, you will find something new... a page asking for ...

The SUBVERSION industry.
X-No-Archive: yes Subject: The SUBVERSION industry. From: (Charles Douglas Wehner) Date: 27/02/04 17:09 GMT Standard Time Message-id: <e349085c....

Bowditch American Practical navigator Question
Hello: Was thinking of purchasing a new copy of Bowditch, as the one i presently have (1966 ed.) is probably a collectors item by now. I see that there is 2002 ED. a Go...

Edel 540
Any Edel 540 owners out there? I got mine last summer and waiting for the ice melt... -----= Posted via Newsfeeds.Com, Uncensored Usenet News =----- http://www.n...

Gig Harbor dinks?
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_002B_01C3FBF3.4DE62920 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="Windows-1252" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-p...

website Jesus

New Adjustable Outdoor Cushions
An introductory price for the most comfortable, adjustable outdoor cushion is now available at: Have a look!

an opportunity
You may try may not but remember..before you make up your mind, open it. Good Luck in Life ! THIS TRULY WORKS!!! Just read through it thoroughly, follow the directions ...

Bockman ? catboat
I'm trying to find info on some smallish catboats made in Toronto (?) in the late 60's. I think the company was Bockman. Anybody? thanx a

Catalina Capri 18 FS
1987 Catalina Capri 18' sailboat, fixed shoal draft wing keel. Excellent condition. Includes NEW Mercury 4-stroke 4 HP outboard, NEW marine battery, NEW flexible solar charger panel, Trailer...

I am very new to sailing, having taken lessons last year and again this year, what I am looking for is advice on what would be the best starter boat priced up to $10K CDN. I will be sailing ...

Citizen Yachting Watch - JR4xxx
Whilst at Antigua Airport in the duty free shop run by a crowd called 'Colombian Emeralds International' I stupidly purchased a Citizen Eco-Drive chronograph watch specifically for sailing/y...

your favorite sailing adventure book
What's your favorite Sailing book Mine's Sopranino by Patrick Ellam and Colin Mudie It's a narrative about a 20 footer crossing the atlantic How about yours??? <...

Hobie Getaway vs. Hobie 16 -- performance
How does the Hobie Getaway perform compared to the old 16? The 16 has quite a bit more sail, but the Getaway's new hull design might be more efficient. Or is it? Does the Getaway go upwin...

paradise cove followup
A few weeks ago I submitted a posting asking for info on anchoring at Paradise Cove in Malibu. We went last weekend, so here's some info on our experience. We left Marina Del Rey...

Cole 23 owners
Calling all current Cole 23 owners. A brand new Australian web site for Cole 23 owners has been established with forums, technical advice, photo's etc. Go to http://groups.m...

Battery switch
I recently bought an O'day 27 and have come across a surprise in the wiring of the battery switch. This is the usual 1,2, both or off. The two batteries are wired with thei...

RC Sailboats
Anyone know anything about RC Sailboats Thanks jacks

RYS yacht "Saide"
Hi Folks, Does anyone have any info on yacht "Saide" which was owned by Charles Gibson Millar around 1894. He was first commoner to be admitted to RYS. Interested in any history a...

Insurance Question for Canadian Boaters
Hi There, Does anyone know of some insurance in the Toronto area that insure first time boaters? We have had a little problem finding Marine insurance companies to begin

newbie question about boat deliveries
An aquantance asked my wife and I if we're interested in being part of a boat delivery crew. He mentioned two specific trips, each are around 2 weeks long and at interesting places. I was ...

a must read $$
MAKE SOME SERIOUS MONEY Seriously no scams! A lot of money made, fast and completely legal. This method really does work! This really does work and is a very easy way to mak...

Where can I find a European directory of marine bookshops? That sort of bookshops selling Admiralty maps and other stuff the like? Fran.

Is new round-the-world record sailing's greatest feat?
Francis Joyon's new solo round-the-world record of 73 days is being hailed as one of the greatest feats in the history of sailing. Would you say its sailings greatest feat?

Rudder paint
Thanks all for the info on the tiller stuff, along the same lines, if a guy was going to repaint the rudder what paint would he use? Thanks again Ken Campbell Big...

FS: 1991 Nautor Swan 36/140
Located in Oslo, Norway. Link to Ad: -- _/ _/ _/_/ _/_/_/_/ | Řyvind Moe _/_/ _/_...

Concept 8 Dinghy
Looking around for a dinghy, I came across an Australian built one called the Concept 8. Anyone have any experience with it? Many moons ago I had a Sportyak, and I see they're still availabl...

I'm developing a website pitched at the sailing/boating community I'd like two things if anybody would care to have a look at it - 1) General fee...

Southern Cross 31 for sale
1978 Southern Cross 31 with 18hp diesel cutter rigged with 2 jibs. dodger, bimini and solar panels 2 anchors with 300' chain. many extras sleeps 4.owner has sailed over 3500 miles this pas...

Looking for information about sailing in Turku's Island (Finalnd)
Is someone have information about sailing in Turku's Island in Finland? What is to see, anchorage place, meteo, .... Than a lot

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