Single line reefing
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to all! I'm in the process of setting up a single line reefing system for 2 reef points all leading aft. I have the main idea of how i'm goin...

New batteries
Went to the lake this past Friday to check on my boat. Was a pretty nice day for December. Thought I would sail a litter, but the engine would not start. I think I need some new batteries. <...

I have not seen one post in this group for weeks.
My server is having some kind of newsgroup server problems, and I'm only getting one or two messages from 14 groups. Anyone else having this problem? Thanks not that I expect to see this gro...

Earn money by completing serveys, not points!!!
Dear Everyone For those people who are signed up with servey sites that give you points for completing serveys and you redeam them for cash, LEAVE THEM! I recently regist...

Any advice for first-time gulf sailors?
Hello folks, A friend and I hope to get his 36 footer from Pensacola to Tampa, leaving in early January. I've never sailed in the gulf for any length of time, and thought it might...

fastest production monohull (non-displacement , non -sailboard)?
What is the fastest mono-hull (non-sailboard)on a windward leeward or triangle course these days? I estimate: 505, Intl 14 GP, 49er, 18ft skiff are contenders. Since they all plan...

American Fiberglass Corporation
Does any know where I could find a manual for a 17' 1976 day sailor?

macgregor mast bend
i have a macgregor 26 d, 1989 model. how much bend do i need in the mast?

Used Sunfish Parts
I've acquired an older sunfish in need of restoration. I'd rather use used parts and not have to pay for new parts, sail excluded. Where might I go for used parts? Thanks.

bow thruster
Where can I get an overhaul manual for a Max Power 150 24V electric bow thruster? R. Kyle

Can anyone identify this sailboat?
Bermuda Tourism is running an ad in major magazines that shows a woman golfer in the center and a sail boat in each of the four corners. The sailboat appears to be about a 30 foot keel...

marine CD/Receiver players
Hello, Any suggestions about marine CD/Receiver players? It will be located down bellow but we live in BC, so a weatherproof player is a must. Thanks in advance. Guill...

website Jesus

life raft Question
I'm wondering if any, or most of the costal cruisers in this group keep a life raft on the boat or is this something that is used mostly by off shore cruisers or maybe neither group uses th...

Anyone ever used windmills to generate propulsion?
Just an off-the-wall question, and couldn't think of anywhere else to send it to I was thinking a while ago that one or several windmills could harness the energy of the wind as m...

ever been to MURMANSK
I organise a trip in 2004 around Scandinavian Peninsula with a passage threw White-Baltic sea canal. I have some questions : have someone been to Murmansk , where we will be stopping a...

Hi, I am from Poland and I am looking for sailing shops in Germany, Danmark, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece can anybody sen...

Question about GPS antennas.
I am considering purchasing the Garmin GPSMAP 162 for my boat. I am undecided about whether to get the internal or external antenna. There is only a twenty bucks difference between the two s...

Data Marine Depth Finder
I am looking for an operational Data Marine 3030 Depth Finder with lighting.

A couple of questions.
I have a friend that is sailing solo from Northern Oregon to South America in a single passage of approx. 70 days. So far, he has completed one third of the journey. I am keeping track of hi...

Southern California Sailors
I have a favor to ask. My fiancée loves to sail, she doesn't have a ton of experience, but she really enjoys it. I have been sailing since I was a young kid, and have quite a bit of experi...

Panama Canal
Can someone tell me what the current charges are for taking a yacht through the Panama Canal? Do you need to book or just roll up and wait in line? -- Garry Beattie Oce...

please help
Hallo, i need some help with choosing school i live in vancouver canada i am thinking of going back to school after a few years in the construction industry i realized that i want ...

Buccaneer 18 - any tips,hazards, gen'l info?????
I am looking for any information concerning parts that wear quickly, tricks or short cuts, look-out-fors etc. Chrysler Buccaneer 18 daysailers. tnx MonteP -- "T...

Formalities for Joint Ownership Yacht in Croatia
Dear alt.sailing; We are a group of people forming a joint ownership on a Sailing yacht. We plan to sail the yacht in Croatia the first year, and have the yacht moored in Split. Every 1...

Panama Canal.
Can someone tell me what the current charges are for taking a yacht through the Panama Canal? -- Garry Beattie Ocean Spirit Trailer Sailer & Small Yacht Cruising Emagaz...

considering live aboard
My wife and I took up sailing just last June. We started with dinghies and then took the usual sequence of ASA classes. We don't own a boat, but we've been sailing consistantly ever since....

Dinghy Choice
Hello, I'm Ron Patterson. About 6 years ago I bough a 1964 34 foot fiberglass sloop. It is an old boat but with a much newer Yanmar 27 horse diesel engine in it. The boat has been on Gunters...

Greece Bareboat Charters
Looking to bareboat charter a 40' sailboat from Athens in June. Would love to hear the recommendations of experienced consumers. Prices vary widely and we have confidence in Moorings, but ...

Question about batteries
Hi group I am wondering if anyone has any opinions about the gel batteries good or bad? Im going to replace both the batteries in my boat this spring, I spoke to my battery sup...

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