Siphon break on an inboard diesel
I have a YSM 12 raw water cooled Yanmar on my Catalina 30 I recently purchased. I noticed the siphon break is installed under the sink and vents into the sink drain. I want to replace the ...

November GLC Posted
The November issue of Great Lakes Cruiser is now posted and ready to read, FREE, at On this, the 90th Anniversary of the Great Storm of 1913, we are very pl...


Sailing and Sailboat Photos
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O.T. Sport Psychology
Hi, I am Marina Gerin Birsa, an Italian sport psychologist: visit my site . If you know Italian language visit the site , there are...

UK yacht shareholder wanted
I have a 34ft steel sloop designed by Alan Buchanan 1965, which has been undergoing a refit for some years. Major work has been done on the hull, new steel plates etc. New Volvo engine fitte...

November edition now available
Hi guys Just a reminder that the November edition of Ocean-Spirit Trailer Sailer & Small Yacht Cruising Emagazine is now available on line. 42 full colour pages. This month w...

Porta-potty revisited
Matt's wife sounds like mine. My question is where to locate the porta-potty in the boat. I have tried two locations and they both have their own pros and cons. The first loca...

Leaking Keel Bolts?
I have a Catalina 30- about a month ago I thoroughly cleaned and de-greased the bilge, something I been meaning to do all summer. About 2 weeks later I went down to the boat and noticed a v...

Outoard Recommendations for a Dinghy
My last boat used a Yamaha T-9 as an auxilary and oars or paddles for the smallish dinghy. New sailboat had a dirsel and a Bombard Typhoon about 11.5 feet long to match. The Yamaha 9.9 has...

Looking for a cat to live aboard. The wife wants to do this too. That makes it so much nicer. Kids gone (at school) Looking for 35 to 40'- 18 to 20' beam - 1 to 200k range. Any th...

Sweden, Hallberg Rassy, boat?
Over a beer after the end of season race a few folks were shooting the breeze. There was much debate on which was the better boat from a mixed use perspective...enjoyable racing, ...

FS: 16' Hobie Catamaran
We are selling our 16' Hobie Catamaran with 1 mainsail, 2 jibs and a trailer in Ithaca, NY for $800 or best offer. We must sell because we lost our storage site. For more details...

new site

What is this "pin" thing called?
In old "pirate" movies, you'll sometimes see, during a fight, a man pull out a special-shaped wooden pin or club and use it as a weapon. Sometimes he has one or more on him, but ofte...

New Yanmar engines
Does anyone have any information on the new YM series engines that Yanmar is introducing? I'm interested in the replacement for the 1GM10, the 9hp inboard for sailboats. /harry

OK folks - it's gotta be talked about sometime! I'm picking up a San Juan 21 and there's no way my wife is going out on it if I can't provide her with suitable bathroom facilities. And don't...

Worlds Smallest Sailing Computer

Outboard recommendations for a San Juan 21
I need to buy an outboard for my San Juan 21 and not quite sure about how big to go. I would like a 4 stroke and I am thinking that about 5 HP would be a good size. Any comments about the ...

Where to buy Yanmar 1GM10?
Where can I buy a Yanmar 1GM10? I haven't seen a site on the web that lists prices. My Sovereign 7.0 had a Renault RC8D (8hp) engine, that is now dead. I'd like to find a "reliabl...

Dufour 2800 blueprint
Hello all! I am from Greece and with a friend we race a Dufour 2800. We are looking for the blueprints (sketch) of the boat because we think that the first owner of the boat has done some ch...

Raytech navigator 4.01
Anyone have a Serial number for Raytech Navigator 4.01. Thanks in advance Arno

Does anyone know what issues surround buying a boat in Canada and bringing it into the United States?

Accidental Jibe Device
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Autopilot experiences asked
Hello all, Iam currently buying a new sailyacht, comfrtina 35. A displacement 35 feet yacht. For details see I am also selecting a new in board autopilot connec...

need sail for CL-16
I have come a pound a old CL-16 it was about to be plowed under in a farmers field when he said take it so im looking for sails and a rudder for it the old girl is not worth a lot but i...

Sail conversion to a furler
I am getting a new roller furling for my boat- Catalina 30. Right now I have a hank-on headsail. My current 150 Genoa is in decent shape so I am planning on converting it over to a furling...

ATTN: Pavel Lawinski
Take your spam to a more appropriate group.

Renault RC8D 8hp. Diesel
Anyone know where I can get parts for a Renault RC8D marine diesel (single cylinder, 8hp)? Is it possible to get a rebuilt engine? Is there a Renault Marine Dealer active in the U...

Launching extension
I have a 21' fixed keel and am new to this. Launching is extremely difficult and have looked at different solutions including using a chain. I saw on the Potter site that a few of their cust...

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