San Juan 21 Cabin mod.
Any SJ21 owners out there that are familiar with the "box like" structures inside the cabin that are moulded into the hull? There is a box on the starboard side next to the keel winch that ...

folding sails
I was shown how to precisely fold my sails for my 16' Luger and told that this is a must, but there are times when I don't have the space or time to do this. How do people with larger boats...

October GLC posted(Halloween!)
The October issue of Great Lakes Cruiser has been posted and is free to read at This is our annual Halloween Special so be ready for Haunts Of The Great Lakes and...

Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED
Postal Lottery: Turn $6 into $60,000 in 90 days, GUARANTEED I found this in a news group and decided to try it. A little while back, I was browsing through newsgroups, just like you ar...

Tremolino 23 Trimaran for sale
Hull #166 built by John Olin 1989. Always sailed off trailer which was rebuilt 2002. New square top main, screacher, and prodder, 2002. Half moon amas and tall rig. Great daysailer/camper wi...

Quebec/San Malo Race July 25,2004
My wife and I are going to Quebec City July 25, 2004 to watch the start of the Quebec/San Malo Race. Would appreciate hearing from anyone with information on inexpensive lodging in the old c...

Advice on trailerable cruiser to buy.
I know this is probably a often asked question, but here goes (maybe again). I have a great Hobie 16 that I have sailed in Mission Bay, San Diego for the last 8 years. But n...

Las Palmas, Canaries - Internet Cafes or Wifi hot spots?
Anyone know of any internet cafes in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria? Ideally near the marina. And any wireless hotspots nearby? Cheers, Fred.

Hi all, I am thinking of building a boat similar to "Badger", but probably the 36' version. For those who don't know, this is a Sailing Dory, Junk rigged. Anyone ...

Seeking Sailboat Partners
Colgate 26 owner seeking two boat partners to share expenses for year round sailing out of Liberty Landing Marina. No equity participation is required. Prefer experienced but will consider n...

Good deal on Yanmar?
Are there any good deals on Yanmar sailboat engines on the Internet? Thanks, Dennis

SAILING TERMS: Amidships - condition of being surrounded by boats. Anchor - a device designed to bring up mud samples from the bottom at inopportune or unexpected time...

Maxsea v10 Dongle Crack
I'm looking for Maxsea v10 Dongle Crack or a Dongle emulator. If anyone knows... Thanks

landsickness - Help
Getting back into sailing after many years. While on the boat life is great. About 1 hour after stepping off my world is rocking. Any natural remedies, folk medicine, old family secrets cure...

Look at these update that comes from the MS Corp.
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Team member for sailing portal sought
We are looking for people yet who are interested in supporting our sailing portal through cooperation. You should have sailing experience, be familar with the intern...

Selecting a autopilot
Hello all, Iam currently buying a new sailyacht, comfrtina 35. A displacement 35 feet yacht. For details see I am also selecting a new in board autopilot connected to...

How to get involved in sailing in your area
Greetings: I've had my first sailboat for about two years. By now, I can safely say that my wife, nor any of my friends or family like sailing. But I do! And I really don't like...

Ranger Options

Dock de-icers
I live in the Northeast (long Island) and I am planning on keeping my boat in the water this winter- I live on a creek. Does anyone have any advice on winter preparation as far as docks go?...

Mast Problem
In The Wooden Boat Forum A question requiring some knowledgeable advice has been asked regarding a

Laser 161845 For Sale
Hi, I am selling a Laser sail number 161845. It is in the UK in West Berkshire (Buyer must collect / arrange delivery). Please have a look at for more details.

Does anyone on the NG have any experience with a timeshare called SailTime
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Identifying a boat - what are the main parameters?
Hi all, I'm currently working on a database for a client which aims to allow users to trace cars + boats they have owned in the past. The database will hold information tha...

Anyone Know anything about Hughes Yachts?
Specifically, I'm looking for information on their Sparkman Stevens designs and also looking to find past owners of the yachts. Let me know Thanks ... RicherChet...

Sailboat Sharing in NY Harbor
I have a Colgate 26 in Liberty Landing Marina, Jersey City, NJ located at Liberty State Park. I am looking for 2 or 3 persons to share sailing expenses. Boat is kept in water and sailer all ...

Ranger 32 // Sailing boat
Hello, Does anyone know something about this specific boat. Properties, displacement, ballast, etc. Thanks

Sailing upriver in Europe/France
Would appreciate advice on whether it is feasible to explore Europe along the rivers. Are passage fees prohibitive? Are bridges probitive for most mast heights? Is settling down for a few...

Old Sails
Hello since last year my friend bought an old Snipe with number 5992 and he restaured it. The boat also had 2 old sails with this tekst on it: 7219 1947 Sailm...

FS:big Boat Spinnaker
Like new 3/4 oz triradial chute from a Lafitte 44. 56' hoist. See it on ebay:

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