Pearson 23
Has anyone had any experience with this boat. The one I am looking at is a 1979 shoal-keel / centerboard combo. I haven't found much information anywhere about this model. Any help would <...

Sailing Books
Hello, what would be a good starting book to learn about sailing, marine nav. and the like ? Thanks

Boom tent
I've just finished overhauling a Luger 16' Leeward and want to put it in the water at a friends house on a creek. It seems to me that something called a boom tent might work to keep out the...

Newbie question
I have sailed a little boat before, in a lake, nothing big, but was curious, can a sailboat tip over. I see pictures of them leaning over, with the sails full of wind, but allwasys wondered ...

Suunto M9
Does anyone know how long the battery last in a Sunnto M9 with the GPS turned on? Thanks Stew

great lakes navigation
Just wondering...on the oceans, navigators use a sextant for out of sight of land navigation. How is it done on the Great Lakes where they're not operating at sea level? Of course, I'm talki...

Advice re: Endurance 35
I'm looking at a 1986 Endurance 35 (De Kleer 1986, Isuzu C240 4 cyl, Borg Warner velvet drive) to buy. Anyone have any advice on this particular model in terms of weak points?

Sailcomp backlighting
I have a KVH Sailcomp compass with 2 displays on my boat. The displays work fine during the day but at night they are unusable. The backlight is too dim. I can see that its on but its not...

something weird going on here...all the messages are gone from my subscribed groups...

Slipping clutch on Yanmar
Are there any transmission experts out there? On my Bayfield 25 with a Yanmar 1GM engine, the KM2-A transmission slips in forward gear. The slippage is enough to cut speed down to abo...

Finding boats that need crew
I'm in Rochester NY, and looking for a way to re-learn sailing (after 35 years of inactivity). I've already contacted a local yacht club/marina, but I'm wondering if there are any web sites ...

Car to sailboat analogy
When shopping for a used car a few years back, my mechanic was very helpful in filtering out the wheat from the chaff. Or, the crap, to be technically correct. When he said "Jeep??? God no! ...

Long term in Virgin Islands or Antigua
Hi, I currently keep my Jeanneau sun Legende 41 in Puerto Rico. I use it to sail the area but am now looking to move on and base the boat either in the US or BVI's or Antigua. (Ge...

Easing wife's fears about buying a cruiser
Hello, I'm considering buying a sail boat within the next year or so (still have to learn how to sail one first). I'm looking at a family cruiser between 28-30 feet long. My wife is a...

cruiser or motorsailer buting advice
I live on the south coast of British Columbia and I'm looking for a boat to cruise the upper coast, 'Charlottes and Alaska. I would like a pilothouse ketch or cutter rig with enough po...

Ocean Spirit September issue now available
Hi guys. The September issue of Ocean Spirit Trailer Sailer and Small Yacht Cruising Emagazine is now ready for you to download from This months feature...

Want to buy Hobie 17 or small Tri
Can anyone suggest places where such are offered for sale? Small tri = 16' - 18' day sailer. I'm in central CA, S.F. Bay area. Bill Meakin.

Access to nav light wiring
I have a 1983 Ericson 28+ and need to replace the navigation light sockets which have corroded. Unfortunately there is not enough slack in the wiring to just splice in new sockets. It appe...

Collectible Sailboat Ornaments
Introductory "Trailer Sailboat" series and "American Workboat" series available now as ornaments half models and as wall display half models at . Click the "Nautical...

Hobie 14 Hull Repair
I just acquired a Hobie 14 with some soft spots. I want to get at the inner hull and redo the fiberglass and replace foam. My dilemma is how to remove the deck with out totally destroying ...

shoe marks on non-skid surface deck
Hi, After our last trip I realized that one my crew members had semi-marking shoes. I have shoe marks everywhere in my non-skid surface deck. Is there any product out there to r...

NGO needs volunteer skippers for research.
Dear friends SFTSinternational is worldwide looking for skippers that would like to take part in marine research projects. Membership in SFTSinternational is free of charge. ...

HELP!!!! I'm selling my house and moving the family onto a sailboat!
Hello Everyone, My name is Alfred and I am married with a 4 year old son. We live in Fort Lauderdale and have spent our entire lives in South Florida. I'll spare you the details <...

Sailing in Croatia
Hi, if you're looking for yacht rental in Croatia, there is a good friend of mine running a rental agency. Just contact or visit

sailing boat in croatia
Hello I'm looking at renting a sailing boat with crew in croatia during july 2004. We are about 20 persons. Please contact me should you be interested or should you know someone wh...

sailing boat in croatia
Hello I'm looking at renting a sailing boat with crew in croatia during july 2004. We are about 20 persons. Please contact me should you be interested or should you know someone wh...

Cruising tips for small yachts
Hi guys. As we get closer to the Whale Watching Adventure Cruise I thought I would share a couple of tips that I have found handy in the past. These are simple tips that mos...

electronics upgrade q
Posted this on the wasteland that ASA has turned into, so much background noise I don't think anybody saw it... Been pondering for awhile how to upgrade the electronics on the boat. I ...

Like Sailboats?
This website was specifically prepared for Sailusa Chat server. It was created for people who love to sail.

Whale breaches onto sailboat
Check out CNN, or any other news site, and read about the family, on a chartered a sailboat off Australia, that encountered a 30-ft humpback looking for a back scratch...They allege that the...

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